Second Season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch May Be Delayed

Fans of the latest Star Wars animated series 'The Bad Batch' may have to wait a little longer for the second season's premier. 

Fans of the latest Star Wars animated series ‘The Bad Batch’ may have to wait a little longer for the second season’s premier.

According to a report in the latest issue of Star Wars: Insider  the newest Star Wars animated series, which focuses on a divergent group of Clone Troopers may miss out on its scheduled Spring launch. While previous issues of the magazine have given vague details of potential released dates. Issue 209 lists The Bad Batch as “Coming Soon” with no further details. Many fans are taking this vague release window to mean that the series has been delayed.

Last year The Bad Batch premiered on May 4, which is lovingly referred to by fans as Star Wars day. Some believe that season two will follow in the first season’s footsteps. If the show were to stick to its previous release schedule. Sadly, no one will know for sure when the second season will launch until Disney or Lucasfilm make an official announcement. So its probably best to keep your calendars open and avoid any dealings with the empire.

While little has been revealed in the way of story details for Bad Batch Season Two. Disney is most likely very confident that the series has plenty of staying power. Especially given that the series got a season two renewal on the same days as the first season premiered.

For those not in the know. Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an animated series set immediately after the events of Order 66, which took place in Revenge of The Sith. The series follows the adventures of a group of Clone Troopers who diverged from the original clones. They became known as the Bad Batch because their unorthodox methods went against traditional procedures. The first episode of the series saw the group disobey what they felt was a questionable order, which is something that the original Clone Troopers are unable to do. The first season sees the squad, which is made up of Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Omega go on the run from the Empire as they edged out work for themselves as mercenaries for hire.

Acting as a spin-off from the Clone Wars. The series has featured a number of cameos from both the clone wars series and the original Star Wars movie trilogy. In regard to continuity. The series sits in that 20-year gap between Revenge of The Sith and A New Hope. And the series finale included some tantalizing story threads to do with the cloning experiments, which could be linked in with the experiments that were conducted on Grogu in The Mandalorian.

At present, there is no official release date for season two of The Bad Batch, but hopefully, we’ll learn of one pretty soon. So until then May the Force be with you.


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