Season 8 Finale Of ‘Doctor Who’ hailed as emotional and action packed

In a recent comment to The Globe and Mail Talalay said that Steven Moffat's scripts feature "so much action... and emotional material".

The new 8th season of ‘Doctor Who’ hasn’t even begun yet, which makes it somewhat strange to be talking about the series 8 finale when a majority of us mere mortals are yet to see the episode ‘Deep Breath’. I have seen it by the way… and can’t say to much other than it is a fantastic introduction for Peter Capaldi.

Director Rachel Talalay who recently talked a little about the shows season 8 finale, which she helmed for Steven Moffat and the BBC.

In a recent comment to The Globe and Mail Talalay said that Steven Moffat’s scripts feature “so much action… and emotional material”.

The ‘Tank Girl’ director also promised that Peter Capaldi’s “slightly grumpier, more complicated” new Doctor will give us a strong contrast to his “young, romantic” predecessors.

“He was constantly worried he had 11 [previous] Doctors he might be mimicking,” Talalay revealed. “But even when I saw the very first footage from the first episode… it was clear he knew exactly who he was as a Doctor.”

The American director also admitted that she had “campaigned” to land a job on Doctor Who but dismissed accusations that showrunner Steven Moffat was “pressured to hire a woman”.

“I said to Steven Moffat, ‘If I was to read the Internet I would believe you only hired me because you were pressured to hire a woman’.

“He said, ‘I think they need to know I hired you because of your reel and your material and what we believed you would bring to it’.”

Doctor Who returns on Saturday, August 23, running for 12 weeks on BBC One.

It was also recently revealed that ‘Deep Breath’ will get a special September Blu Ray and DVD release. You can learn more about that here.

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