Sean Pertwee Was Offered Role In ‘Doctor Who’

Jon Pertwee's son got offered a 'Doctor Who' Role
Sean Pertwee as many fans know is not only best known for his role of Alfred in ‘Gotham’. He is also known as the son of the Third ‘Doctor Who’ Jon Pertwee.

In a recent interview Sean Pertwee revealed that he was offered a role on ‘Doctor Who’, but had to decline. The actors schedule with ‘Gotham’ would not allow him to do it, but he is not ruling it out for future offers.

When asked if he’d be up to do a ‘Doctor Who’ episode Pertwee revealed he’d already been asked.

“I’ve been asked before – I was asked actually last season. I couldn’t do it because of Gotham. I’d love to be in some capacity be involved, as an ode to my father and to Roger Delgado, who was my dad’s best friend, who was the Master.

“It’d be an honour to be involved in something like that. You know, it’s a big thing! Doctor Who’s a massive thing in America now, and also they’re looking to the older Doctors, which I think is really kinda cool. They’re looking back as well, not just forward.”

Unfortunately Pertwee did not reveal who he was asked to play on the series.

‘Doctor Who’ will be back on screen in 2017 following a 2016 Christmas Special, and it’s been revealed that Matt Lucas will return as Nardole.

(Via Radio Times)

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  • David Friedman
    17 June 2016 at 2:02 pm -

    It would be hysterical if he could play another incarnation of the Master. Although I read Missy’s coming back this season. Why can’t they bring back the doctor’s daughter too?

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