SDCC 2019: ‘The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance’ Panel

Mark Hamill comparing reprising his iconic roles to finding lost money behind the sofa is just one highlight of this wonderful panel.

One show that fans are really looking forward to is ‘Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance’, which is a prequel series to the 1982 film, which was produced by Jim Henson. This new series, which is also produced by the Henson company is soon to air on Netflix and promises to be a wonderful exploration of the backstory, which was set up in the film.

Hall H was the venue for this panel and it included the iconic Mark Hamill, Taron Egerton, Lisa Henson, and Louis Leterrier. 

All the actors and producers on the panel were very quick to praise the craft of the creative team behind making the puppets and the puppeteers that operated them. Mark Hamill sais that puppeteers within the film and television industry are marginalized in much the same way as voice performers are because of the anonymity involved. Though Hamill also said that he was immensely grateful for his career both in front and behind the camera because it allowed him to carry on playing in the sandboxes that he played in when he was a kid. Especially when it came to the various comic book roles that he has gotten to voice and play. And when it comes to having been able to reprise roles such as Luke Skywalker and Trickster from The Flash to name a few. The actor said that getting to revisit roles like that is a lot like finding lost money behind the sofa, which is the best kind of money because you didn’t know you had it.

Taron Egerton, who has recently put in a brilliant turn in ‘Rocket Man’ playing Elton John will be playing a Gelfling in the series and he joked that he’d always wanted to say that he is playing a Gelfling. But one of the many things that Egerton is thrilled about is the fact that he gets to work with Mark Hamill. Egerton talked about having starred in ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ and never gotten to meet Mark Hamill despite having been in that same movie with him. So the actor was more than thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the iconic actor.

Speaking of Iconic. This panel proved to be a little more special than normal for Mark Hamill because toward the close he gets awarded The Comic-Con Icon Award.

You can check out the full Panel below thanks to video that has been provided by the Variety Youtube Channel.

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