SDCC 2019 Hosts Panel for BBC & HBO Produced ‘His Dark Materials’ Series

Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' TV Series gets some love at San Diego Comic Con

One of the most anticipated fantasy series in recent years is the television adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’, which is based on the series of novels, which is based on the Northen Lights Book series.

Hall H played host to a number of key players in the new series, which is a joint production between the BBC and HBO. Joining the panel were Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jane Tranter, Jack Thorne, Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, and James McAvoy.

As fans will know. An attempt was made to get a movie series going back in 2007, which began with ‘The Golden Compass’. Unfortunately, it didn’t make enough money at the Box Office to continue the trilogy.

The story centers on a young girl called Lyra who is adopted by charming socialite, Mrs. Coulter. The Master secretly entrusts her with an alethiometer, a truth-telling device. Over a period of time, Lyra discovers that Coulter is the leader of the Gobblers, a secret Church-funded project, which is abducting children. Lyra escapes from Coulter and flees to the Gyptians, canal-faring nomads, whose children have also been abducted. They reveal to Lyra that Asriel and Coulter are actually her parents.

From that point on. Lyra travels extensively around the world as well as between parallel worlds.

It’s hoped that the TV series can do a better job of adapting the book series for the mass audience.

During the comic con panel. The actors and producers gave a fair bit of insight into the new series. Everyone on the panel discussed the problems and rewards of dealing with such an expansive fantasy universe for television. Jane Tranter particularly talked about how much of a challenge it was to obtain the television rights from Philip Pullman and New Line Cinema.

All the actors in the series talked a little about their characters and the interactions they have between these characters and their demons. Dafne Keen who plays Lyra said that her characters demon is pretty important to her character growth and development throughout the series. Whereas Ruth Wilson who plays Mrs. Coulter said that her characters demon really helped inform her of how the character should be portrayed. In short, all the demon characters in the series are a direct reflection of their human counterparts in this world.

You can check out the full panel, which was brought to you by Variety’s youtube channel below.

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