SDCC 2018 The Orville Panel

Season 2 of The Orville will be more cinematic

One of the breakout series of last year was Seth McFarlane’s ‘The Orville’, which many fans preferred over Star Trek: Discovery due to its tone and similarity in visual style to Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

So it’s fair to say that season two is much anticipated and too fuel that momentum the cast and crew held a very lively panel at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con and we have some video footage thanks to Nerdrotic Channel.

In the 20 minute video, much is discussed from how it is helpful for the actors to sustain a high level of energy on the set to how much their classic training helps them with the rhythm of the show.

Seth McFarlane is particularly keen to point out that the new series has a more cinematic quality to it, which he credits former ’24’ producer Jon Cassar who has really brought a stronger visual style to the show.

When asked about the Orville being a love letter to ‘Star Trek’ McFarlane said that he wanted to cover the space that had been left vacant by Star Trek: The Next Generation and wanted to fill that space.

Unfortunately, the camera work on the video is a little shakey but does get a little better as the video moves forward.

You can check out the coverage below.

The Orville 2018 SDCC Panel

The Orville Season Two Trailer

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