SciFiPulse Chows Down with Steve Lund of ‘Bitten’

A couple of weeks back I got to do an fantastic interview with Steve Lund, who made a meal of giving us as many fascinating insights into ‘Bitten’ and...


A couple of weeks back I got to do an fantastic interview with Steve Lund, who made a meal of giving us as many fascinating insights into ‘Bitten’ and his role in the show as he could.

The actor was informative, fun and entertaining and when asked about his role in the new Syfy and Space show. He was more than happy to tell us as much as he dared, which in truth was quite a lot.

Lund, who is a relative newcomer to the industry plays the role of Nick Sorrentino, who is one of a pack of Werewolves responsible for keeping the population of Werewolves in line.

‘Bitten’ for those that don’t know focuses on the life of the only Female Werewolf to survive being turned and centres on her struggle to live among them.

Below are a few choice excerpts from my interview with Steve Lund, which recently featured on the SFP-NOW show over at

SFP: What was it that got you into acting?

Steve Lund: I always tell people that the man responsible for it all was Indiana Jones.

I was watching his movies from a very young age. I watched them very frequently and would dress up as him wherever I went. I had the entire outfit the hat, the whip, the gun, the jacket, the satchel filled with relics and played the character all day everyday.

As a kid I would tell people I wanted to be an archeologist because that’s what I assumed archeology was all about, shooting Nazi’s and chasing down missing treasure and stuff like that, but then I found out that this is not exactly how archeology goes and that he [Harrison Ford] was merely an actor portraying a character. I then said okay then. I’m going to be an actor.

So when I was growing up. If asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I’d say I wanted to be an actor, but then as a grew I developed an interest in Hockey and at one point it looked like I was going to pursue a career in professional sport, but after so many concussions and doctors advising me to never play Hockey ever again. I then gave myself permission to pursue my original dream of acting.

SFP: You’ve managed to get yourself a pretty cool role in the new Syfy and Space channel werewolf drama ‘Bitten’ how did you come on the role and what was it that drew you to the show?

Steve Lund: I initially auditioned for this show when I was living in Los Angeles, which would have been last year. I think it was the second audition that I had after I drove from my home in Nova Scotia, Canada to LA. My friend and I arrived in LA and within two days of arriving I had this audition.

The audition came with a lot of material, which said that the show was based on the novel series, which was very exciting for me as it would be for any actor that gets a lot of very rich source material to draw from.

I auditioned initially for the role of Clay and many months later when I saw the man that was cast as Clay. I understood why I didn’t get that role because he’s quite a mountain of a man.

I didn’t hear anything back for about a good month, but eventually got a phone call from my agent saying, “You are being considered for one of the roles on ‘Bitten” when are you thinking of coming back to Toronto?” I said that I hadn’t thought to much about it and she said, “I suggest you get here!”

So I hopped in my car and drove three days straight across the continent, sleeping in my car under the mountains of Colorado. I made it there on the Monday for the auditions, sick as a dog because I hadn’t slept properly. I even slept in a haunted house in Oklahoma during my journey. Which was really cool. I was ready to crash so I pulled off the side of the road and was looking for any sort of quiet concession road or something like that and I pulled in and my lights kind of stumbled across this old abandoned house. I could have sworn I saw something in the window. I know at that kind of hour in the morning, I’d been driving 16 hours. My mind could have been playing tricks on me, but was pretty sure that there was some kind of spirit around me. Which made that journey so much more and gave me a good story to tell I guess.

So I arrived in Toronto unharmed by the ghosts and auditioned for the role of Nick three more times and then boom it was done.


SFP: How would you describe ‘Bitten’ to the person on the street?

Steve Lund: There’s a lot I could say. I think that ‘Bitten’ is a very relatable supernatural show.

We’re dealing with human’s first and foremost. The werewolf thing is sort of a metaphor for issues that every family has to deal with. You’re dealing with themes of loyalty and love. There’s a love triangle involved. I think pretty much anybody should be able to find something that resinates with them from this show.

It’s also a very sexy show. There is a lot of skin shown…

SFP: Yes I noticed that. In fact your first scene sees you in bed with a married couple. Does this pretty much sum up where you character is likely to be at?

Steve Lund: [Laughs] Well they’re not going to be beating you over the head with it, but I think this sums up his personality pretty accurately I guess.

SFP: From what have seen of it so far. Your with a pack of Werewolves that are kind of policing things in order to try and keep Werewolves protected from humanity right?

Steve Lund: We’re the law keepers yeah. Against the band of none conformist werewolves who don’t choose to follow the rules and regulations that have been in place for generations. They are thought of as mutts. They rebel against the pack, but the packs sole mission is to preserve our own race and we have a very regulatory role when it comes to the werewolves where ever they maybe in America and Europe.

So when the mutts step out of line. It’s up to us to send a message that says that we do not condone that sort of behaviour and often times that message can end up in blood shed.

SFP: The Main crux of the show is that Laura Vandervoort’s character Eliana is struggling to live with the pack due to her being the only female werewolf amongst you…

Steve Lund: Yes. She is the unicorn. She is the great white buffalo. She’s very sought after for reasons other than just her beauty. She has the keanest sense of smell out of all of the werewolves and is required to do a lot of our tracking.

During her time with us at Stonehaven she was kind of appointed the role of our main tracker. So when the story takes place Eliana (Laura Vandervoort) has been away from the pack for a year and has been trying to live out a normal human life in the city of Toronto, but she is summoned back to the pack in order to help us hunt down this rogue mutt that’s stepped out of line and killed a civilian on our territory.

SFP: We already have an idea of how Eliana was turned, but what about some of the other werewolves in the pack?

Steve Lund: There will be some reveals throughout the series. There are two ways to become a werewolf. You are either born as Werewolf or you are bitten.

Female werewolves that are born don’t typically live very long. You don’t typically undergo your first transformation until you hit puberty at around 16 or 17. So you are not born changing into a werewolf. A lot of woman do not survive the gruelling process of the transformation.

The other side of that is being bitten and we learn that being bitten was how Eliana and Clay turned out to be a werewolf and I can tell you that my character of Nick was born as a werewolf and is from a long line of werewolves. My Grandfather was the former pack alpha.

So the Sorrentino name is one of the five families that have been involved with Stonehaven throughout history as the law keepers.

SFP: You’ve shared a few scenes with Laura Vandervoort, who plays the lead in the series. How have you found working with her?

Steve Lund: [Jokes] She’s awful. She’s just so annoying.

No we love Laura. We really do and we’re all very blessed to have such an incredible presence on set as the lead.

As your lead character that is the one character that is pretty much in every scene. She is there all day every day. She barely gets a break and is also usually working weekends doing a number of things like wardrobe fittings, doing press or tending to her many thousands of beloved fans. We’ve never heard her complain about a single thing. She’s always there. She works her butt off and that attitude has kind of trickled down to the rest of the cast.

She inspires all of us on a day to day basis. She’s great!

You can hear more of this interview including some of the physical aspects of the show in the audio version of this interview, which you can listen to right here or at

‘Bitten’ currently airs in the United States and Canada respectively on Syfy Channel and Space on Monday nights.


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