SciFi Stars pay tribute to Richard Hatch

The passing of science fiction icon Richard Hatch has genre celebrities remembering the actor with heartfelt words.

The untimely passing of science fiction icon and star of the original Battlestar Galactica, Richard Hatch this past February 7th, 2017, after loosing his battle with pancreatic cancer, has brought sincere words of homage from a large number of genre celebrities who remembered the actor fondly over social media.

While a good number of Hatch’s costars from both the original and re-imagined Battlestar Galactica have posted their heartfelt thoughts about their larger than life and fan-favorite costar, the tributes to the 71 year old actor continued to be posted to social media from across the proverbial genre galaxy by many of his fellow celebrities.

From his Battlestar Galactica cast mates, to his many thespian friends and admirers from Star Trek to Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Babylon Five, Farscape and Lost in Space, with many more not even being mentioned here; the sentiment expressed by all was quite simply one of love, a sense of loss and a resounding feeling that a bright light and powerful human presence has gone out, one that will be felt and missed for a long time to come.

Dirk Benedict:

“All of us at DBC are devastated. Our thoughts and prayers are with Richard’s family, friends, and fans.”

Laurette McCook:

For my sweet friend Richard Hatch who lead with his heart; I am filled with sadness and words unspoken. You will be missed by us all. Love to my dear pals Sarah Rush, Annie Lockhart, Dirk Benedict , Jack Stauffer, Herb Jefferson, Noah Hathaway and Terry Carter. Let’s stand a little closer now.

Jack Stauffer:

“There is a new star in the constellations where the Battlestar Galactica fleet travels. Richard Hatch has not left us. He shines brightly in the universe and is enjoying new adventures on another plane close, but just out of sight from all of us who knew him here and enjoyed his friendship.

I am so glad to be able to say that Richard and I knew each other and were friends for almost fifty years. We met as young unknown actors in New York when we were hired along with Karen Gorney and Susan Lucci as the original children in ABC’s ground breaking daytime series “All My Children”. We were nothing alike. Richard was this surfer dude from LA. I was a prep school kid from Connecticut. Yet, from day one we enjoyed each other’s company, were comfortable with each other, and worked easily with each other. That dynamic stayed with us over the years when our paths would cross and we would work together. One of the reasons I was offered the role of Bojay was because Glen Larson knew Richard and I had a great working relationship. It is not the norm for two actors who often competed for the same roles to maintain a friendship. Richard and I always remained friends even though he always got the girl and I got the mothers. Over the decades, we took great pleasure in laughing with each other and on many occasions laughing at each other.

Richard had a passion for his craft and a passion for paying forward what he knew to those who came after him. He also believed fervently that any actor’s success is mainly due to the fans who want to see him. Because of that, he was as devoted to the fans of Battlestar Galactica as they were to him. At conventions, he was always available. He could be found in the bar late in the evening and many of you were participants at those famous dinners at Benihana’s.

Richard would not want any of you to grieve at his departing. He would want you to raise a glass of ambrosia and celebrate the great times you had together. He would also absolutely revel in the knowledge that he retired as the thumb wrestling champion of the universe. Richard is not gone. He is on deep space patrol. So say we all.

Sarah Rush:

I am not alone in writing that I will miss Richard Hatch with all my heart. His kindness to others was breathtaking. He made you feel so loved and special, and he always had the greatest belief in a person’s giftings and ability. He would never let me second guess myself or put myself down. His life touched people everywhere he traveled. I love you Richard, and I will never forget your friendship. I feel heart broken by your loss…

Noah Hathaway:

Rip my TV Dad…

Ronald D. Moore:

Richard Hatch was a good man, a gracious man, and a consummate professional. His passing is a heavy blow to the entire BSG family.

Edward James Olmos:

Richard Hatch you made our universe a better place We love you for it. Rest in Peace my friend @SoSayWeAll the Admiral!
Mary McDonnell:
I’m sorry Richard Hatch, I’m so sorry and sad that you are gone. This simply does not compute. You were a force. A light. A Prince. So Sad.
Jamie Bamber:
Richard Hatch. You leave a huge hole in our BSG family which we will never fill and never try to. #ThankYouCaptainApollo

Tricia Helfer:

We lost a kind and gentle soul today. Hope you’re dancing amongst the stars now. RIP Richard”

Aaron Douglas:

Richard touched my life in immeasurable ways. I’m profoundly honored to have known him & called him friend. BSG Family lost a loved one.

Nicki Clyne:

So much light, so much life… Richard was a man of a thousand questions, always curious, always caring, always seeking new ways to connect, to inspire, to enlighten. I will miss him so much. Deep space will never be the same.

Michael Trucco:

We lost a true talent, a dear friend, an ambassador of the BSG family, and a selfless kind soul …

Lucianna Carol:

Logged into my social media to read news that my dear friend passed. He was a good friend- I will miss him terribly. Salute

Alessandro Juliani:

Grace. Dignity. Generosity. Openness. Sincerity. A privilege to have been in your orbit. #SoSayWeAll

Katie Sackhoff:

Goodbye my friend. See you on the other side. Fuck this hurts.#SoSayWeAll

Karl Urban:

R.I.P. Richard Hatch

Blessed to hang with him once “Find reasons to say YES in life, it leads to more opportunity” RH

George Takei:

Rest with the galactic stars, Richard Hatch.

Walter Koenig:

Deeply saddened by the passing of actor Richard Hatch. A kind, talented and delightful person. Far too soon. So sorry.

Garret Wang:

Stunned by the passing of Richard Hatch. It was just April of last year when I saw you last:( Rest in peace my friend.

Peter-Angie Mayhew:

Fair winds indeed…

David Prowse:

Very sad to hear about Richard Hatch…

Erin Grey:

Heartbroken at the passing of Richard Hatch. Richard was one of my oldest and dearest friends, dating back to the 60’s when we were both modeling in New York and LA. Watching his career blossom was a joy, and seeing him almost single-handedly keep Battlestar Galactica alive for so many years was inspirational. He had an immense generosity of spirit and willingness to share and help so many. He touched many lives, including mine, and it’s hard to fathom not seeing him again. Rest in Peace, dear Richard.

Claudia Christian:

Julie Caitlin Brown:

Goodnight sweet Richard, you will be missed.

Gigi Edgley:

I love you from the bottom of my heart Beautiful Richard Hatch!!! You are a true inspiration to us all Thank you for being a magnificent Brother, Teacher and dear dear Friend Safe passage to the next adventure! You will be more than missed Words don’t come close to expressing how blessed I am to have you in my life.

Bill Mumy:

RIP, Richard Hatch. You were a truly good guy, a fine actor and so generous to your fans. You were always nice to me. Sending good thoughts to you on your new adventure…

With Richard Hatch’s peers alone it is easy to see that there was something quite special about the passion Richard brought to not only his work, but to life in general. Richard Hatch was well respected, well loved, held in high regard and considered by many to be a true friend who could always be counted on to shine a light on the important things in life, whether it be as an actor, writer, producer, friend and Father.

Richard Hatch has left an indelible mark on the lives of so many, while giving all of himself and asking for little in return. Richard will be missed and his meaningful life celebrated by his many friends, fans and family.

Safe journey Richard and know that your work and spirit will live on for many yahren to come! So Say We All!

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