Sci-Fi Gaming: Three Awesome Spin-Off Games Worth Playing

Science fiction and gaming really are a match made in heaven. When these two forces combine, there are few forms of entertainment that can produce such a strong sense of escapism

Science fiction and gaming really are a match made in heaven. When these two forces combine, there are few forms of entertainment that can produce such a strong sense of escapism – and who wants to live in the real world all of the time, anyway?

Throughout the years, we’ve seen a whole host of sci-fi movies and TV series adapted for gamers across all platforms, so it seemed only right to run through a choice selection of our favourite spin-off titles. Let’s get straight down to it…

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Action / RPG)

Just over a decade after it was first released back in 2006, it’s fair to say that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is already a bona fide classic in the world of sci-fi gaming.

Few other superhero games can match the sheer range of playable characters: Wolverine, Captain America, Human Torch, Iron Man, Deadpool, Blade… the list goes on. And even if you can’t play as your favourite niche Marvel character, chances are you will encounter them at some point during the main storyline.

Looking back, the massive popularity of Ultimate Alliance wasn’t just down to the endless brawling; it was also because the game was released across pretty much all major platforms – even the Game Boy Advance – which allowed the game to reach the widest audience possible. The developers, Raven Software, certainly deserved their rave reviews for that alone.

Battlestar Galactica: Slots (iGaming)

Regular iGamers will know that the world of online casinos, poker rooms and slots is all about creating a loyal fanbase by tailoring the in-game experience to their interests – and science fiction is no exception, of course.

There are literally hundreds of themed sci-fi casino games out there to choose from, though we find few developers do it better than Microgaming casinos. As stated by comparison site Casino UK, the Isle of Man-based developer was founded in 1994, and now provides over 450 online casino games. One particular effort that sticks in our mind as a marker of quality is the studio’s Battlestar Galactica slots game, which features clips taken directly from the TV show, as well key roles for characters like Starbuck and Chief Tyrol.

Players also have the ability to unlock a range of bonus features and interesting game modes which definitely help to keep the entertainment fresh. If you like your slots games, and are a sucker for sci-fi action, this one is well worth checking out.

Batman: Arkham Origins (Mobile)

Fans of the Caped Crusader should count themselves extremely lucky to have the Arkham series at their disposal because few other superhero franchises can boast such an entertaining run of games.

Even if Batman isn’t your masked man of choice, if you’re after an awesome free-to-play mobile game for your smartphone or tablet then look no further than Arkham Origins, now available on both iOS and Android. Here, players can battle their way through the mean streets of Gotham City, earn in-game upgrades and rewards, and unlock tons of cool Batsuits for good measure. It’s definitely one of our favourite cross-platform games, which means you can link the mobile and console versions together for even more cool features and rewards!

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