Sci-Fi Games Winners and Losers

For long, sci-fi fan-fiction has dominated everything from film, music, books, and comics to pinball machines and gaming.

If you consider yourself a modern-day Starlord and want to traipse through the galaxy while racking up some great winnings along the way, then an intergalactic star mission is the right way to go. For long, sci-fi fan-fiction has dominated everything from film, music, books, and comics to pinball machines and gaming. Now, avid casino players have the opportunity to sample the very best galaxies Kyklos has to offer, and also the very worst (even worse than that moment where Han Solo and Kylo Ren lock gazes and the entire Star Wars franchise collapses).

Game 1: Sabacc

You’re not going to read through a best-of list that includes sci-fi talk without coming across at least a few Star Wars references. In this case, the high stakes game is akin to poker but in our case, might not lead to the Millennium Falcon at the end of the game. The name itself will ring a bell with Star Wars fans, as it’s referenced a number of times throughout the film. While this might be a great choice for fans of the Star Wars franchise, it also happens to be a great game for those who don’t particularly care about all the Sci-Fi namedropping and simply want to learn a new game.

Game 2: Battlestar Galactica Slot Game

Just like the Battlestar Galactica TV-series was no run-of-the-mill series, neither is the slot game. While players reminisce through the reels, they have the option to choose three different game modes which are Run, Normal, and Fight mode. By opting for the different modes, players enjoy different results as the reels start spinning. There is also a chance to move up the ranks in the game, and also an opportunity to share in bonuses.

Game 3: Killjoy Poker

A town full of outlaws who can only bet what they’ve stolen. While this is a great way to encourage anarchy as participants have to be well-known criminals, it also happens to be a fan favourite. While this is not the game where you want to pull out your “How To Play Roulette Guide”, it sure is a fun diversion from the mundane of the everyday even if it lands you in a heap of trouble.

Game 4: Intergalactic Gaming

This is not a single game but rather a new way of participating in competitive casino gaming. Intergalactic gaming provides its players with tokens that can be used for a number of different online games. The theme is ultra sci-fi if the term even exists. For online casinos who want to be part of the action, it’s time to hand in applications and make the online gaming circle bigger.

Game 5: Planet Exotica

While the game may seem a little risqué at first, it soon becomes clear that tongue-in-cheek humour is at play. The game is somewhat flirty, although with a healthy dose of sci-fi that keeps the geek element going. The humour soon runs dry and the oddly Gargoyle-like vixen becomes more annoying than attractive.

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