Sasha Roiz Chats About His ‘Warehouse 13’ Experience

Sasha Roiz is somewhat of a rising star in the world of genre television and his start looks to continue rising. Fans of the Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica...


Sasha Roiz is somewhat of a rising star in the world of genre television and his start looks to continue rising.

Fans of the Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica will know Roiz best for his role of Sam Adama, but he will soon be seen in the role of Marcus Diamond in Monday’s forthcoming episode of the Syfy Channels hit show Warehouse 13.

Although its a guest role we do know that Marcus Diamond will be a recurring character throughout the season and will lead nicely onto Sasha’s other new role in the new NCB fantasy series Grimm.

SciFiPulse was recently fortunate enough to attend a conference call and got to chat with Sasha along with other websites and entertainment blogs and below is just some of the highlights from the hour long conference.

When it came to talking about his character on Warehouse 13 Sasha was being very careful as to not give to much away, but did reveal that his character has a mysterious origin when asked about how his character comes into the show.

Sasha Rioz: It’s a little bit of a mystery which will be revealed later in the season, so I can’t tell you specifically. But I’m definitely part of a – sort of the nefarious force that’s working against the Warehouse this season. So I’m certainly not alone in that. There’s a few people that I work in conjunction with which are also some interesting guest stars that you’ll see.

But, I can’t tell you the specifics of it because there’s a little bit of a mystery revolving Marcus specifically.

When asked why he thinks people keep tuning into Warehouse 13. Rioz was noting but positive about the show and came across like a real fan of the show and the people involved.

Sasha Rioz: It’s well executed. It’s got you know, a perfect sort of blend of dramatic and comedic – I think it’s also fun to tune in and have these self-contained episodes that for the most part kind of are completed at the end of the episode with these really nice character arcs that kind of sweep through the season.

I just – you know, I think they got a really great combination and formula, and they have a great cast and production team working on it. So it’s one of those you know, kismet situations where just everything fell into place.

When asked about his role of Marcus Diamond the actor pointed out that there is a very distinct difference between Marcus Diamond and his role of Sam Adama on Caprica.

Sasha Rioz: Well, you’ll discover in this season what Marcus – the little mystery revolving around Marcus is. So – and I mean I can’t tell you specifically, but the main difference is that Sam Adama is very much is own man and he has his own moral code, and Marcus is – hmm, how do I dance around this?

Marcus – you know, they’re very different characters. I think Marcus is a bit more of a henchman than Sam. You know, Sam really believes in sort of the world he lives in and his place in it, and Marcus’ situations is not quite the same.

One thing that appealed to Roiz about Warehouse 13 was the fact that it had some comedy elements to it, which is something he is a big fan of, and quite enjoyed talking about when asked about it. In fact he went as far as to say that it was liberating for him after the tense drama of Caprica.

Sasha Roiz: The second you work on something that has a comedic bend or element to it, it’s instantly going to be a lighter environment because there’s a room for that playfulness. And you know you’re not stepping on other actor’s toes when they’re preparing because there’s – you know, you’re about to embark on something that has a comedic tone. And so it’s fine to just be a goofball and have fun and laugh.

Whereas sometimes when you’re working on something dramatic, even if you’re feeling kind of goofy, and let me tell you, you often do, you just – you don’t want to step on other people’s toes and like interrupt their process.

So it’s very liberating, especially for me. I love being a goofball. I love hanging out with people who are having a good time, so it’s genuinely fun.

When asked who surprised him the most when he came to work on Warehouse 13 Roiz revealed that it was the shows producer Jack Kenny who perhaps stood out the most and for pretty much all the right reasons as well.

Sasha Roiz: Jack, the show runner, I mean I met him before for lunch so I already kind of got a chance to get to know him and stuff. But I was still so impressed with how – you know, how well he runs that show and with the – you know, it’s – with such commitment and yet it’s such a light tone and he’s so – he’s on top of everything but yet he’s having fun and having laughs and encouraging that sort of energy.

And that’s – it wasn’t surprising, but it was just so refreshing to see that. And you know, so I had a great time in great part because of him.

But you know, the cast is great and Joanne is like so much fun too. Like you don’t see that side of her sometimes on the show because of her character, but she’s a real goofball and she’s like so much fun to hang out with and have laughs with.??And you know, I think maybe because her character is so – a little bit more staunch that you don’t see that side of her, but she’s really fun.

Another series that Sasha Roiz will be involved with this year is the new NBC fantasy series Grimm, which is promising to be something very different for genre fans to enjoy. When asked why fans should tune in Roiz gave not one, but several good reasons.

Sasha Roiz: Well, you’ve got David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, Executive Producers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, so that’s already a certain you know level of expertise and fan base that you could rely on.

And then you’ve got a terrific cast. And as well, we’re kind of – you know, it’s the first time you’re going to see a police procedural mixed with a fairy tale setting. It’s a very dark and quite scary at times, and it’s – it’s quite beautiful actually. I saw the pilot. It’s beautifully executed. So I think the fans of this genre and the SyFy genre are going to be quite entertained.

In Grimm Roiz plays a cop, but he is not a straightforward sort of police character. According to the actor there are many layers to the role he has on Grimm, which is something he revealed when he was asked whether or not he was excited to be playing a good guy for a change.

Sasha Roiz: I’m excited to – yes, I’m excited for this project, and it is a cop. Like I said, it’s a police procedural sort of setting, but he’s the Chief of Police and you know, there’s going to be a lot of layers to him too. So it’s going to be an interesting character to watch unfold. There’s definitely some interesting story lines that they’ve come up with.

But yes, it’s going to be very exciting and very fantastical and very grand in nature in the show. So I’m looking forward to seeing what our writers bring, you know when we finally get a hold of the scripts. I’m very excited to see them.

When asked about finding the balance between playing a villain on a drama and then playing the bad guy on something a little lighter such as Warehouse 13 Roiz seemed a bit taken by the question and gave a fairly insightful answer about how he kind of tried to change his approach

Sasha Roiz: That’s a good question because it is a little tricky sometimes coming into a show and you feel like you’re the heavy and everyone’s having so much fun around you. You know, you kind of feel like the downer at a party.

But you know, we have a lot of fun. I mean I think even in the process we just have a lot of fun you know. And, it doesn’t matter if the role or the situation is highly dramatic or comedic. But I think for myself I just have to focus on you know, my storyline and what it is that I need to execute in the scene and what it is that this character really wants in the scene.

And then you know if I don’t get the chance to engage in the comedic, then we do it in between takes and we just have fun. But it is sometimes difficult when you feel like you’re – like I said, you’re the heavy and everybody else is having fun you know, without you.

But luckily they – you know, we had fun throughout the whole process.

Another project that Roiz has been involved with is an independent movie called Extracted, which is a science fiction story, which has been doing the rounds at various film festivals and Roiz was more than happy to talk about it when asked.

Sasha Roiz: Extracted is an independent film that I shot last fall and it’s Sci-Fi based and it’s such a terrific story, and we just completed the edit on it and are in the process of submitting it to the different film festivals.

It’s a really heartfelt piece about a man assigned to – I play a character called Tom Jacobs, who creates this machine to help assist people through trauma so he can go into their memories and see their memories and help them uncover certain things in their past. And in doing so, gets trapped in the memories of this one criminal. And, he’s trapped in there for a year just trying to get out.

And so that’s basically the premise. Him trying to get extracted from the memories of this man. It’s a great piece and I’m quite happy with it. So we’ll see what happens with it if it gets accepted to some of the festivals.

You can see Sasha Roiz in his new recurring role of Marcus Diamond in Warehouse 13 on Monday 25 July.

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