Robin Dunne Gives US Some Insight About His New Comic Book ‘Rattletrap’

"Rattletrap is very much a space opera and there’s no doubt that growing up on a steady diet of Star Wars set my imagination afire for these kinds of stories." - Robin Dunne

To most genre fans Robin Dunne is best known for his role of Dr. Will Zimmerman from the hit Syfy series ‘Sanctuary’, which came to an end in 2011. But not many will know that Robin is a writer/producer in his own right and his latest project ‘Rattletrap’ is his first foray into comic books.

I recently caught up with Robin and asked him about the comic book series and he was more than happy to fill in some of the blanks for us. robin-dunne

SFP: Robin people will probably know you best from ‘Sanctuary,’ and I know that you are a writer and producer in your own right, but how did you go about transitioning into comics. Is it something you’ve always wanted to have a crack at?

Robin Dunne: I’ve been a fan of comics ever since I was a kid. I’ve always imagined how cool it would be to have something I’d written turned into a comic. When I finished the screenplay to Rattletrap, I felt it would lend itself well to the graphic novel genre. 

SFP: You have a comic story called Rattletrap up on Kickstarter right now. What can you tell us about the book?

Robin Dunne: The Fantastical Intergalactic Adventures of Rattletrap is a space adventure about a robot boy and a warrior girl, both from warring backgrounds, who must put their differences aside and team up on a perilous quest through strange galaxies to save Alphanova – the dying sun of their universe.

SFP: You’re working on Rattletrap with a new publishing company called Underbelly Comics. How did you become involved with them and what do you think makes them stand out from any of the other indie comics publishers?

Robin Dunne: Under Belly Comics ( is a very cool, cutting-edge independent company. When I met with Adam Jack – who runs Under Belly – we discussed the challenges of producing original material in a world where pre-awareness, sequels, prequels, etc, are king. Adam read the script and really connected to it. I felt the best way of creating a new science fiction franchise was through the world of graphic novels.

SFP: Rattletrap looks very much like a space opera of sorts. What would you say has inspired the story?

Robin Dunne: Rattletrap is very much a space opera and there’s no doubt that growing up on a steady diet of Star Wars set my imagination afire for these kinds of stories. Story-wise, Rattletrap was also influenced by Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (which I loved) as well as movies like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. I’ve always been a big fan of British fantasy because it encompasses both an eerie darkness as well as an ironic sense of humor.


SFP: The art that have seen on the Kickstarter looks really cool and seems to have a unique slant to it. Who is behind the art and what has the process of working with them been like for you?

Robin Dunne: The illustrator for the graphic novel is a fella named Gary McIntyre ( who I met through Under Belly. It is a very interesting creative (and sometimes scary) process to be working with an artist who will be taking descriptions you wrote in words on a script and turning them into images. From the get-go, Gary instantly got what I was going for and his art is bang-on. It’s like he was in my head while I was writing the script.

SFP: What sort of perks are you offering on Kickstarter for pledges?

Robin Dunne: There are all kinds of great perks that come along with our Kickstarter campaign. Everything from signed copies of the book, to Skype chats with myself, Gary, and Adam about the process of making the Graphic novel, t-shirts, etc. You could even have one of the characters in the book modeled after your own likeness (which I think would be very cool!). Mostly, by making a pledge for Rattletrap on Kickstarter, you’ll be helping create a brand new exciting science fiction franchise. We need new material out there!

SFP: If the comic proves a success and you manage to get the funding needed. Can you see potential for a sequel?

Robin Dunne: Absolutely. In fact, I have already begun the writing process on a sequel and have mapped out the storylines for many to come. This is gonna be big!

SFP: Any plans for the story beyond the graphic novel. Say video games or even an animated film or feature series?

Robin Dunne: The ultimate goal will be to create an overall franchise for Rattletrap, including feature films, video games, and books. Creating a graphic novel is the perfect first step.

SFP: As said before. You’re best known for ‘Sanctuary’, which was a brilliant series. Can you ever see the series continuing in some way away from television such as a comic or something because I and I’m sure a number of other fans really miss you guys.

Robin Dunne: I think it absolutely could. I have some plans. And if I can get Rattletrap off the ground, it would open a lot of doors for those possibilities. (How’s that for being vague?) 

You can find out more about ‘Rattletrap’ and pledge to the crowdfunding campaign at:

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