Rhett Bruno’s Roach optioned by Sony Pictures TV

The guardian of Iron City – The Roach – partners with Sony TV

It was recently announced that The Roach, by Rhett Bruno, has been optioned by Sony Pictures TV.

The story of The Roach follows Reese Roberts. Once the protector of Iron City, Roberts was the only one willing to do anything to save the city. Until he was paralyzed. Fifteen years later is a shadow of the man he once was, but he finds himself drawn back into action when someone else steals his suit and begins leaving bodies in their wake.

Now, Roberts must find the strength to stop this copycat and reemerge as a hero.



For those unfamiliar with Bruno, he is a USA Today and Washington Post bestselling as well as Nebula Award-nominated author of the Circuit Saga, the Children of Titan series, the Buried Goddess Saga, Vicarious, Cold as Hell, and other works. He is currently a full-time author and publisher living in Delaware with his wife and daughter.

Reflecting on the time he has invested into The Roach, Bruno shared the following: “The Roach has always had a special place in my heart. After writing a short story about Reese, that was supposed to be it. But my readers emailed constantly asking for a full book. I’d never seen a reaction like that, and so… I wrote it.”

“The book itself was an underdog, featuring a main character who struggles not only with physical disability, but with his mental health, a cause near to my heart as something I’ve dealt with my whole life,” Bruno continued.

For more information, follow Bruno online and on Twitter at @RCBruno44.


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