Review:Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire #2

What if volcanoes were weapons of war?

Synopsis: What if volcanoes were weapons of war? What if Amelia Earhart was alive, but captive? Where is Pat Savage off to? Hey, what’s that submarine doing there? Doc Savage has questions

Review: David Avallone’s Doc Savage continues at a rapid pace and takes back the tide from Superman with the classic line, “It’s a bird, It’s a Plane. No it’s Doc Savage” or words to that effect. It’s pretty obvious to me that Avllone is giving a cheeky nod to the fact that DC’s Superman lifted quite a lot from Doc Savage and figured he’d have a little fun with that. By borrowing a little something from the old Superman cartoons.

The story picks up from where things left off. Doc is going in search of the Volcano device and traces it to a submarine. Meanwhile Doc’s sister Patricia is searching for her friend Amelia Earhart, but comes face to face with a foe that she’d much rather have avoided.

The art work by Dave Acosta continues to impress with his drawings of 30’s sea planes and submarines as well as battleships.

I particularly enjoyed the panels on page 8 and 9 in which Doc boards the submarine in a protective suit that you’d imagine an astronaut to wear had the space program happened in the 30’s. The green colour of the gas when justiposed with the crew gagging and slowly dying was brilliant drawn and the colours were stunning.

The dialogue continues to be chipper and economical throughout. I can almost imagine this comic as if it were filmed in the style of the old movie serials of the 30’s and 40’s. It’s just to bad that no one ever cast the late Buster Crabbe as Doc Savage back then. He’d have been perfect for the role.

This coming just managed to outdo the first issue.

Highly recommended.

Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire #2
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