In Review: The Flash, Episode 45 “Invincible”

Hold on for the ending! Yes, it's that good.

The Flash, Episode 45 “Invincible”

Teleplay by Brooke Roberts & David Kob

Story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg

Directed by Jesse Warn

“Previously on The Flash,” Caitlin and Cisco meet their Earth-2 doppelgangers and Zoom has brought hundreds of evil metas to Earth-1 to wreck havoc.

Fires rage through Central City from the metas’ attack. It’s chaos on the streets with Singh, West, and their fellow officers falling before the onslaught. The captain is wounded and Joe tries to transport him away in a car, but they’re overwhelmed by the metas’ numbers. Just as it seems they’re doomed a familiar red and yellow streak clears their car and the streets of the “Metapocalypse.” Iris is typing at work to report on the destruction, Wally leaves his house after feeling motivated to help by the news’ reports, while Zoom watches from atop a building as the Flash clears the streets. Cue opening title card.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry doesn’t feel overwhelmed at what he’s done. Cisco comes running up to him and Iris to get them to the control center: Caitlin has been released by Zoom. She’s in shock, but otherwise seems fine. Barry’s new sense of optimism is making the others think he’s overconfident. Everyone realizes that someone has to talk to him about his overly sunny nature. Meanwhile at Mercury Labs, a black clad female strides up to the building. She screams and the structure shatters. Those within evacuate. At the same time, Cisco vibes and sees himself looking at a dead bird. His vision ends and the alarm goes off about the situation at Mercury Labs. The Flash races there, saving Dr. McGee as the building collapses around her. She says, “Thank you, Mr. Allen.” His shock has her continue, “I’m not stupid.” They both fail to notice Black Siren walk away — the Earth-2 doppelganger of Black Canary. Cue first commercial break.

This episode had a lot going on and did not disappoint! First was Barry being Sister Mary Sunshine for the majority of the episode, still feeling the high after being with the Speed Force in last week’s episode. His calm has the others on edge and each takes a moment to speak with him. Grant Gustin did a good job in having Barry try to relate the unexplainable to his family and fiends. The final minutes of the show really showed Gustin at his peak! Jesse L. Martin had a lot to do in this episode as Joe had to protect his son and support Barry. He’s definitely a father that has too much on his plate. Danielle Panabaker had some solid moments as Caitlin had flashbacks to Zoom, showing that she’s going to be suffering for some time. Keiynan Lonsdale got to get in action tonight, with a spectacular entrance, but still not speeding (sigh) as one would like. Teddy Sears got a good scene with Katie Cassidy, but his meaty scene was the final minutes of the episode. Having Cassidy back on a WB super show was great and hopefully there’s more to come with her…like a trip over to that show on Wednesday nights to stir up trouble there. Carlos Valdes had some great Cisco lines and a lot of vibing, with his final vision the best. Having Amanda Pays and John Wesley Shipp’s characters meet had me squealing in joy and the scene on the couch made my heart race, though it practically flew out of chest in the final moments!

The good: The story, the direction (with a slick way to show Wally’s rescue and the scene between Henry and Barry having a nice bit of physical space to mirror their emotional distance), the acting, Joe admitting Harrison is a friend, Harrison’s sacrifice, and Zoom moving things up to eleven! Also, incredible effects throughout, with the rescue of McGee worthy of several rewatches!

Fun lines: “I know the universe is with us, not Zoom,” “But I don’t believe we’ve ever met before…,” “You picked a bad time to play hero,” “Why did you ask Doctor Snow to run tests on you again?”, “You haven’t been here long enough to know,” “Because you always have to be the hero,” “No good,” “It’s just a small source of joy…,” “I think I just got the worst idea of all time,” and “Our story continues…”

The bad: I’ve got nothing. Yes, it’s that good.

The final line: This penultimate episode of the season has it all: hordes of metas, two incredible rescues, the best “worst idea of all time”, and a major death! Hold on to something for the ending! Overall grade: A+

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