In Review: Suicide Squad – Not As Bad As The Critics Claim

Margot Robbie rocks it as Harley Quinn

Synopsis: A secret government agency recruits a group of imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency, which inevitably leads to chaos. The team called Project X by the government becomes known as The Suicide Squad.

Review: Suicide Squad opened this weekend and despite the thrashing it got from professional film critics it surpassed expectations at both the US and International Box Office. I went to see the film on Friday and wasn’t disappointed. Sure the movie has a few issues, which I will touch on later. But all in all its an entertaining and fun popcorn movie.

The film begins with Amanda Waller (Viola Davies) who is trying to sell Government and Military officials on the idea of Project X aka ‘Suicide Squad’ to deal with meta humans that choose to use their abilities on the wrong side of the law. We learn at this point just how cold hearted and manipulative Waller is when she proudly spills how she manipulated the Batman into catching Deadshot for her.

Most of this first few minutes of the movie is actually in the trailers. Waller basically talks about the meta humans that she plans to use. The big two being Deadshot and Harley Quinn. They are joined by Diablo, Boomerang, Killer Crock and are all led by Rick Flag.

The story kicks in when Enchantress goes rogue and steals her heart back with some help from her brother incubus.

In a nutshell the Suicide Squad is deployed to stop Enchantress and her brother by any means. Not an easy task.

As far as story goes there isn’t really that much, but where the film does succeed greatly is with the character beats. Margot Robbie absolutely rocks it as Harley Quinn and has a great many of the films funnier moments. Will Smith puts in a solid performance as Deadshot and Cara Delevingne makes a pretty good fist of June Moon and Enchantress.

As someone that read quite a lot of the DC 52 run of ‘Suicide Squad’ comics as well as a few of the earlier incarnations of the books. I was a little disappointed in the films story, but as an origin for the characters it worked pretty well. For my money I’d say overall its a better and more entertaining film than ‘Batman Vs Superman’, which proceeded it. In fact the story pretty much hinges on some of the events of that movie in that Waller uses the death of Superman to justify creating Suicide Squad.

The film is not the best ‘Superhero’ film you will see this year, but it is by no means the worst either.

Robbie is brilliant as Harley Quinn, but I felt that Jared Leto wasn’t quite as strong with his performance of Joker. But he did have some pretty big shoes to fill.

A weak point of the film was the music. There were times throughout the movie where the soundtrack felt a little bit intrusive.

The FX work and fight scenes were everything you’d expect from a film of this type. The sequence at the end when the whole team take on Incubus and Enchantress is spectacular.

To sum up. ‘Suicide Quad’ is by no means the turkey that a lot of critics are leading you to believe it is. But it is by no means the best movie of its type either. But in terms of comic book humour and banter between its characters. Its a definite step up from the rather sombre ‘Man Of Steel’ and ‘Batman Vs Superman’.

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