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Jesse tries to be a "good preacher," unaware that a mysterious duo is after him.

Synopsis: In this episode we see Jesse tries to be a “good preacher,” unaware that a mysterious duo is after him. Meanwhile we meet the enigmatic Cowboy.

Review: I see this second episode of ‘Preacher’ as further set up for what is to happen in weeks to come.

The episode starts when we see a mysterious cowboy on a journey through the desert. We know next to nothing about this character as yet nor do we know his intent. But he certainly helps the episode start on a really strong note.

From there on out though the episode is slow burn with a series of happenings that are likely going to come back to surprise us at a later date. Jesse is continuing to try and live the live of a preacher by holding regular mass and tending to his flock, which seems to be as dysfunctional as he is.

We see Jesse baptising members of his church, but to make things interesting Tulip comes along and wishes to be baptised and goes through with it in order to whisper a few words in Jesse’s ear about a pending job.  Jesse refuses of course, but I think it is only a matter of time before he caves.

In the next scene we see Jesse having a chat with newly hired handy man Cassidy. As the two enjoy drinks and banter Jesse finds himself asking the vampire about where he is from. This prompts Cassidy to truthfully admit that he is a vampire, but Jesse believing it to be a joke says, “That sounds like fun.” As the two continue to banter Cassidy pulls out a bottle of spirit, which Jesse grabs in spite of the vampires protestations and downs. This concoction causes Jesse to pass out and at that point Cassidy proceeds to go through Jesse’s pockets and take his wallet.  At this point Cassidy leaves in order to paint the town red. Figuratively for now.

As the story moves forward a little more. We see two mysterious strangers dressed as cowboys roam into the church. They find Jesse unconscious and proceed to try a number of things on him. They appear to be attempting some form of exorcism, but when the singing to an archaic machine does not work. One of the strangers brings out a chainsaw. As they are about to cut Jesse with the chainsaw Cassidy returns and gets into on seriously bloody altercation with the two strangers. Beating one of them to death with a bible and lopping the others arm off with the saw. Having made minced meat of the visitors Cassidy proceeds to clean up and put the two dead visitors in a box to store away.

As morning comes Jesse is awoken by his housekeeper who packs him off with a casserole in order to to take on his rounds. While on his rounds he meets Terri Loach and her daughter Tracy Loach. Tracy has been pretty much in a coma and brain dead for sometime. Terri talks to the Preacher showing that her heart is filled with bitterness because her daughter will never be the same. She thanks him for the casserole and says she’ll now have something to feed the dogs.

On his other visit he pops in to see Donnie who is still obsessing over the same shit he was obsessing about in the prior episode. Jesse obviously as sick as we are by this baptises Donny again. Holding Donnie’s head under the water and saying “Forget her!”. Donnie protest and such, but Jesse persists until the entity within him gives the same order and Donnie is then seemingly cured of his obsession.  In this moment Jesse has a moment of clarity as he realises he has some power.

Armed with knowledge of his new ability and growing in confidence. Jesse heads back to see Terri and asks to pray by her daughter. Terri leaves him to it and as he is at Tracy’s bedside he once more channels the entity within and tells her to open her eyes.  As she is about to open her eyes, which she does.

preacher see

The final moment sees the two strangers from earlier looking very much alive walking back into town. At this point the end credits begin to roll.

This second episode for me had some pacing issues and for me it was only Cassidy and his big scene with the strangers that actually saved this for me and kept me interested. There were a few fun moments between all of this involving Tulip trying to talk Jesse into doing a job with her and a scene in which Arse Face shows off his gift for stating the obvious. But pacing wise. This was slow as hell. Hopefully it will lead to some more normal paced episodes as the show starts to find its feet. Which is soon. Hopefully.

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