In Review: Preacher – The Possibilities

Jesse explores the possibilities of his newfound power with Cassidy's help.

Synopsis: Jesse explores the possibilities of his newfound power with Cassidy’s help. Armed with new information, Tulip tries to convince Jesse to set out for revenge.

Review: In terms of the possibilities for ‘Preacher’ and this episode in particular. I’d like to know when the series is going to actually pick up the pace a little.

As apposed to titling this episode ‘The Possibilities’ it should really have been called ‘Still Waiting For Something To Happen In A Small Texas Town’. The bloody tumbleweeds had more life to them than this episode.

Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun share a fun scene in which Jesse is showing Cassidy is powers, but as far as narrative story telling goes very little happened to actually advance the series plot wise. 

The two strangers from last week who were after Jesse turn up once again at the church to be run over and killed by Cassidy, who runs back into the church cussing and what not. But yet again the strangers somehow resurrect, but this time manage a conversation with Cassidy in which they reveal that they are from heaven and they are looking to get hold of Jesse’s power. The show Cassidy a tin in which they need to store this power, which must not be used at all.

Jesse hangs out with Tulip for some part of the episode and actually contemplates going with her for awhile in order to get revenge on the guy who sold them out on their last job together. But Jesse has a sudden change of mind and continues his preacherly duties.

I was only slightly less bored with this episode than I was with last weeks. They really need to pick up the pace and provide us with more plot points as apposed to dragging the story out as much as they seem to be. Have seen more happen in the average episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ than has happen in this show and nothing ever bloody happens in ‘Downton Abbey.’

The only saving grace with this episode was Cassidy. Who for most part is the one character that seems to have some forward momentum in terms of the shows story line thus far.

Preacher - The Possibilities
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