In Review: ‘Preacher’ – Pilot

In this opening episode of 'Preacher'. Jesse struggles to escape a past that is slowly catching up to him.

Synopsis: In this opening episode of ‘Preacher’. Jesse struggles to escape a past that is slowly catching up to him. A mysterious entity comes to earth, leaving a wave of destruction in its wake.

Review: As opening episodes go. The pilot for ‘Preacher’ does a hell of a fine job of establishing the three key characters that fans will follow on a week to week basis.

The series opens by introducing us to Jesse Custer who is struggling to establish himself as the towns padre while simultaneously trying to distance himself from a violent past. An early indication of this is a monologue that Jesse gives to a young kid that has asked him to kill his father. This is a strong indication of where Jesse is likely to go in episodes to come.

Dominic Cooper is excellent in the main role of Custer a town Preacher that seems to be tasked with a difficult mission. A man devoid of faith, but at the same time wanting to do what is right however misguided.

The shows vampire character Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) is given the best introduction scene ever. I mean it is seriously sick and hilarious at the same time. But the climax where he eats a whole cow is the killer blow as far as cheap laughs go.

Ruthe Negga is excellent value as Tulip. I loved that her intro scene sees her teaching two kids arts and crafts in her own unique style and proceeds to cobble together a bazooka that even MacGyver would be proud of.

The series gets off to an early start with the comic book humour as well. Especially the bar scene in which we hear the tragic news of Tom Cruise and a case of spontaneous combustion in the church of Scientology. I have to wonder if that one will come back and bite the writers on the ass.

The comic book humour in this really shines through. It’s very obvious that producers¬†Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have the measure of this adaptation because it is pretty faithful to the source material.

I find myself now looking forward to the second episode of ‘Preacher’, which Amazon do not intend to show until 6 June. I’m not sure if this delay is also applicable to those in the US who will be watching on AMC.


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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    24 May 2016 at 1:48 pm -

    The delay is applicable. AMC is re-airing the premiere due to scheduling issues with Fear The Walking Dead’s finale, and then the series proper starts June 6th.

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