In Review: Preacher – He Gone

Jesse's actions alienate and endanger those closest to him, as we glimpse into his past and finally learn the root of all his guilt.

Synopsis: In ‘He Gone’ Jesse’s actions alienate and endanger those closest to him, as we glimpse into his past and finally learn the root of all his guilt.

Review: ‘He Gone’ finally gets to the root of Jesse’s guilt and in the end what motivated him to follow in his late fathers foot steps and become a preacher.

The story also sees Cassidy trying to continue what he started last week by trying to talk Jesse down from his high horse.

Tulip has begun to make herself a regular presence at the church in the hopes that she can get close to Jesse. In fact some of the flash back sequences we see ‘He Gone’ show us a bit of insight into just how Jesse became involved with Tulip. And in a way. It is something that happens with Tulip that triggers the younger Jesse into praying to god and asking that his father be murdered and sent to hell.

As far as pacing goes. This was a slow burn episode. But with the amount of information it was feeding the viewer. It really needed to be.

The flashback scenes in ‘He Gone’ worked really well and I liked how they tried to link them in as much with the present as they could.

Cassidy tells Tulip that he has not told Jesse about their steamy encounter. He tells her thing before facing off against Jesse over the fact that he let Eugene “A poor defenceless boy” go to hell. Jesse isn’t having a bar of it and insists that far better people that Eugene have been sent to hell. This statement provokes a rather desperate action from Cassidy who removes his shirt and steps into the sun light knowing full well that he will burn to death if Jesse does not help him. As to whether Jesse used the fire extinguisher that Cassidy provided him with is left as somewhat ambiguous.

The final few scenes see Jesse pretty much telly Tulip to leave.

As the story draws to a close we see Jesse scrambling across the floor of his church removing the floor boards and yelling, “Come back, come back.” At which point we cut to outside the church and see Quincannon and a demolition crew pulling into the church.

Although the pacing has slowed somewhat from the episode we seen last week. This episode needed the slower pacing due to the nature of the massive info dump it was giving us. Though to be blunt some of the stuff about Jesse’s guilt could have just as easily been divided up among some of the earlier episodes.

I like the fact that we are seeing the relationships finally unfurl and it was great to see Emily, Cassidy, Tulip and Jesse in a room together for more than just a few seconds.

It will be interesting to see whether Jesse is able to lift Eugene out of hell and save his friend Cassidy.

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