In Review: Preacher – Finish The Song

Jesse finds himself on the run while those around him are facing life-altering decisions. The Cowboy returns to Ratwater to exact his revenge.

Synopsis: In ‘Finish The Song’, Jesse finds himself on the run while those around him are facing life-altering decisions. The Cowboy returns to Ratwater to exact his revenge.

Review: In the opening sequence we see the Cowboy return to the saloon in Ratwater. The town preacher challenges him and gets himself shot. At that point the saloon singer stops singing. Cowboy orders him to finish the song. While the man is singing Cowboy shoots up the whole bar not leaving a single soul alive. The singer who is still left standing thinks he has gotten off the hook when the Cowboy holster’s his weapon. No such luck though as we see his head fly across the saloon.

Back in the present Jesse is still riding with the Sheriff, but makes a get away, which has the sheriff somewhat bemused.

Tulip is still trying to save Jesse, but nothing she is feeding him seems to be working. She calls Emily over to look after him while she goes off to get her revenge.

Elsewhere  DeBlanc and  Fiore after having checked back at their motel room to find their phone to heaven has been nicked. They proceed to visit a travel agents and book themselves coach tickets to Hell.

Back at Tulip’s place Emily has fed Cassidy a Guinea pig and makes one hell of a twisted decision after having a phone call from her boyfriend the Mayor. She calls him back and feeds him the pretence that she is in danger and needs his help. The Mayor of course falls for it. Looks for her at the old house and ends up in the same room as Jesse is and gets eaten. Pretty dark and twisted stuff, but I did get the impression that Emily had been humouring the guy all this time anyway.

Having done her bit for Jesse. Emily proceeds to free the remaining Guinea pigs when Jesse turns up. She tells the preacher that his friend meaning Cassidy is inside.

Inside the house Jesse and Cassidy have a chat and it seems all is forgiven because the human blood seems to have helped Cassidy heal. The two walk off as friends again both having seen their true inner monsters and proceed to bury the corpse of the Mayor and get an angels hand sorted for Jesse so he can use the angel phone.

preacher cowboy finish the song

Next we get a quick flashback of all the Cowboy scenes we have seen in the series thus part played back and rewound and played back again. After this brief flashback we see DeBlanc and  Fiore walking down some stairs into the saloon that the cowboy shot up. They approach the bar and meet the Cowboy and tell him they have a job for him. Cowboy asks what the job is and one of the angels says come with us and we shall tell you. Cowboy isn’t impressed and shoots him in the head and asks the remaining Angel what the job is. He replies, “We want you to kill a preacher” and just before the end credits roll we have a ‘HELL’ pop up in big bold letters on our screen.

It was great to finally see a reveal of who the Cowboy is and what his purpose is, but it was also fun seeing the two angels journey in order to get to him.

The plot and story has really moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent weeks and this being the penultimate episode of the first season. I am now looking forward to seeing how things play out in next weeks season finale.

Some great performances from Dominic Cooper, Lucy Griffiths and Joseph Gilgun. I was really glad to see Cassidy make a return because he was sorely missed in last weeks episode. I also thought the use of the episodes title ‘Finish The Song’ being a line for the Cowboy was a really fun thing to do. 

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