In Review: Preacher – El Valero

In 'El Valero' a fierce gun battle breaks out between Jesse and Quincannon and the Meat Men. Meanwhile Tulip tries to save a friend.

Synopsis: In ‘El Valero’ a fierce gun battle breaks out between Jesse and Quincannon and the Meat Men. Meanwhile Tulip tries to save a friend.

Review: ‘El Valero’ picks up from where last weeks episode left off and begins with a flashback sequence, which gives insight into why Quincannon lost his faith in the church. I guess losing your entire family in one go through a freak cable car accident would do that to you.

The episode also sees Jesse so desperate to redeem himself that he tries to rescue Eugene aka Arseface from hell. He fails, but some how winds up with a hallucination, which could almost be Jesse’s conscience. At his wits end he calls in  Deblanc and Fiore and tries to broker a deal. He tells them that he’ll let them take the Genesis out of him if they try to rescue Eugene from hell.

While all of this is going on. Quincannon is making plans with his meat men to attack the church.

A gun fight between Quincannon’s men and the church does break out, but Jesse pretty much wins it by shooting some guys dick off. Quite how he was able to see this target through a pair of jeans is beyond human comprehension, but it does make for one of the episodes funnier moments.

The gun fight in this episode could well paint El Valero as Jesse’s last stand. But ultimately our Jesse is a little to wily for that to be the case.

With the initial gun fight over. Deblanc and Fiore set about taking Genesis from Jesse with their elaborate ritual. At first Jesse resists, but when he relaxes the pair of Angels manage to wrest the entity from Jesse. At this point Jesse tries to get them to make good on the deal. But they only say that they will try and attempt to leave the church without helping. The entity, which is trapped in the tin hears this entire exchange and breaks out of its tin cage and transfers itself back to Jesse.

El Valero

The pair of Angels leave at this point and tell Jesse that they are pretty much done. As they leave and as the Genesis re enters Jesse. His hallucination of Eugene vanishes. Whether he will be back or not remains to be seen. My guess is he probably will be.

Tulip has adopted a dog from the local dogs home and spends a day throwing a ball with it. Later we see her walk the dog into a room where we hear it yelp as it is torn apart. It is safe to assume that Cassidy is alive, but just a bit extra crispy and Tulip is trying to save his life.

Back at the church Donnie goes to see Jesse, but he has cleverly shot himself near the ears so he cannot be influenced by Jesse when he uses the Genesis. Jesse thinking the game is up pretty much up tells Donnie to do his worse, but Donnie instead chooses to knock him out.

When Jesse awakes he is surrounded by Quincannon and his meat men. El Valero or the last stand is well and truly over. At least that is how it seems, but not for long. After some discussion Jesse brokers a deal with Quincannon to buy time for himself and the church. He promises that he will bring God to the church on the next Sunday and if after that Quincannon is still unhappy. Then what will be will be.

For me this was one of the best episodes we have seen to date. The stand off between Jesse and Quincannon happening at such a time where Jesse is questioning himself and the relationship he is having with the Genesis was pretty well thought out.

The moments of comedy were pretty sparse. But the guy getting his dick shot off will probably be the stand out moment for many. Where as I find the ineptitude of the two Angels pretty much a hoot.

Quite how Jesse is going to bring God to the church is anyone’s guess. But given that the shows narrative has started to gain some momentum over the earlier episodes. I’m more than willing to stick around and find out.

Great performances from Dominic Cooper and Jackie Earle Haley in this one. 

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