In Review: Penny Dreadful – No Beast So Fierce

Vanessa turns to old friend Ferdinand Lyle for help, who introduces her to a new and fierce ally.

Synopsis: Vanessa turns to old friend Ferdinand Lyle for help, who introduces her to a new and fierce ally. Meanwhile Lilly, Dorian and Justin put their plan in motion and Ethan, Sir Malcolm and Hecate arrive at Jarod Talbot’s ranch.

Review: Events that have been building over the last few weeks come to a head as Malcolm is reunited with Ethan and the two are both at the mercy of Detective Rusks warrant and Ethan’s father who is a fierce religious fanatic.

In London Vanessa is in search of an ally to take on Dracula. She is introduced to the somewhat fierce and beautiful Catriona Hartdegen who is very knowledgeable about Dracula. Hartdegen fills Vanessa in about Dracula and provides her with a brief history of him and his vampires.

Back at Bedlam Victor is given a concoction by Dr. Jekyll in order to tranquilize Lilly so he can kidnap her.

Back at Dorian’s home Lily and Justine are recruiting street prostitutes in order to put their plans of vengeance into motion. Things become a little tense when Justin is demonstrating how to kill a client on Dorian. As Justin cuts Dorian. Lily is forced to intervene.

Back in American things are getting tense at the dinner table. Ethan and Jarod are at odds and despite Sir Malcolm trying to advocate on Ethan’s behalf. Nothing is working. Hecate is itching for some murder death kill, but Ethan is managing to restrain her. It is not long before some graphic violence ensues as Ethan recites an evil version of the Lords Prayer, which shocks even Sir Malcolm. Things quickly deteriorate as Ethan and Hecate see off all of Rusk’s men in what turns out to be Hecate’s final battle.

Back in London Victor has made his way to Dorian’s house, but is captured by Justine and taken to Lily. Things get tense for awhile because Justin is keen to kill Victor. In the end Lily decides to spare him and lets him go with a warning.

Else where in London John Claire has revealed himself to his sick and dying son. The reunion is quite touching for awhile until his son opens his tired eyes and sees the monster that his father has become.

At Doctor Seward’s practice Vanessa is discussing her concerns over becoming romantically involved with Mr Sweet. The doctor tells Vanessa that she needs to take a gamble and trust in him if she is to ever trust again. Vanessa of course is completely ignorant of Mr Sweet’s true identity.

Back in America having seen off Rusk and his posse Ethan and Malcolm are reunited with the fierce Kaetenay who helps them take down Jared and his men in a final reckoning. Having taken out all of Jared’s men Ethan is face to face with his old man and so filled with anger that he points his gut directly at Jared’s head. He can’t go through with it and chooses to back down. As Ethan and his friends are about to leave Jared hurls insults at his son and is about to fire on him. Malcolm intervenes and shoots Jared in the head silencing the old mans verbal bile.

Vanessa following her Doctors advice pays visit to Mr. Sweet and tells him about the vampire that is hunting her. Mr. Sweet of course as we all know is the very vampire that wants her and he well and truly has her on his hook. Sweet proceeds to show her a new museum exhibit that focuses on the creatures of the night. Sweet talks about how he admires them and Vanessa is intrigued enough to rip his clothes off and do the deed. Sweet or Dracula is reserved enough not to go full vampire mode so as not to reveal his true nature… What will become of Vanessa as she becomes more enthralled in this new relationship. Lets hope Malcolm and Ethan plan a return to London soon.

This episode pretty much brings together many of the building blocks that were put in place in the first episode. With Ethan’s business seemingly through in America. We are left wondering when the gang is to reunite and what will be the fall out of that. Especially given that Ethan via his brief liaison with Hecate seems even more conflicted about his nature than he was before.

Some great performances here and even I cold that I am felt a twinge of sympathy for John Claire as his son rejected him upon seeing his face.

I am looking forward to the next episode of this series something fierce. Loved the bloodthirsty Justin and the final resolution of Ethan’s daddy issues.


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