In Review: The Musketeers – Spoils Of War

The battle-scarred musketeers reunite to rescue orphans from a brutal mercenary.

Synopsis: The battle-scarred musketeers reunite to rescue orphans from a brutal mercenary.

Review: The action picks up four years from where the last series of Musketeers left off.

Athos, Porthos and D’Artagnan have been fighting on the front again Spain, but in their last battle a mercenary gang steals gun power meant for the French and take shelter in a monastery.

At the monastery former Musketeer Aramis is looking after some orphan children. But when the mercenary gang takes over the monastery. Aramis is forced to call on the help of his former brothers.

The Musketeers reunite with Aramis and all seems well with the exception of Porthos who is upset with Aramis for having left.

Back in France King Louis is pre-occupied spoiling his 4-year old son. We get our first look here at Governor Feron who is played by Rupert Everett. Feron seemingly has a serious back issue and uses a cane to walk, which would give most the impression that he was harmless. But there is an undercurrent with him of a man that would do just about anything to have his own way.

Back at the monastery the Musketeers have successfully rescued the kids and the monks, but remain behind to give the mercenaries a good thrashing. Aramis makes amends with Porthos and rejoins his brothers as the return to Paris.

The final few scenes sees the musketeers reunited with Treville who is now a minister to the King. Treville introduces Athos, Porthos and Aramis to Feron who is not impressed. This is the point where the battle line is drawn. Feron belittles the trio by insinuating that they are to old to be fighting on the front and not a threat to him and his plans. He adds that he now runs France and that they be best served to remember that. This gets a little defiant smirk from Athos and the others.

This is a promising start to the third and final series. Rupert Everett makes a fairly strong debut as the scheming Feron and will no doubt get more and more mischievous as the series arc unfolds.

D’Artagnan seems to be much more confident this year and looks to be heading toward the Captain that we will see at a later date in ‘Man In The Iron Mask’, which is a story I doubt we’ll see in this series.

As ever the sword fighting and fight choreography is outstanding, which is something we have come to expect from this series.

As far as story goes though. This was all pretty much set up with no apparent obvious arc in place as yet, but I’m sure things will begin to pick up in the next episode.

The Musketeers - Spoils Of War
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