In Review: The Musketeers – The Queen’s Diamonds

Musketeers get up to fun antics while recovering the Queen's diamonds.

Synopsis: The future of the English Monarchy rest on the musketeers shoulders after Louis orders them to recover The Queen of England’s stolen Diamonds.

Review: This weeks Musketeers episode offered up a more light comedy caper than we have seen for awhile.

When they are tasked with recovering the Queen of England’s stolen diamonds they run into thief Émile Bonnaire who is given little choice in helping our heroes recover the diamonds.

Meanwhile at the royal court Governor Feron is conjuring up his plans. Which as yet have not been revealed, but you can bet it isn’t going to be for the good of France.

While investigating the diamond theft Aramis bumps into an old flame who is set to marry into money to St Pierre who is played by Paul McGann. We learn later that St Pierre has unwittingly purchased one of the stolen diamonds in the form of a huge diamond ring.

There are some real comedic moments dotted throughout this episode. I specifically loved it when The Musketeers had to calm a horse down in order to retrieve some of the stolen Diamonds that had been weaved into its tail. It was a great moment of banter between brothers in arms. It was only when D’Artagnan used his farming skills to calm the horse that Bonnaire was able to retrieve the jewels.

James Callis put in a wonderful performance as Bonnaire.

It was not all fun though. Aramis’s old flame Pauline winds up committing murder in order to keep her past as a prostitute secret from her intended St Pierre. The moment where she breaks down having not thought about getting rid of the dress she was wearing to murder Pierre’s servant was pretty tragic. So much so that the tragedy was mirrored in the face of Aramis and St Pierre.

This was a nice diversion from some of the edgier story lines we have had in past weeks, but not really what I was looking for in a Musketeer’s episode. Hopefully we can get back to the business of more edgier and intriguing story lines in next weeks episode.

The Musketeers - The Queen's Diamonds
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