In Review: The Musketeers – The Hunger

As certain Citizens of Paris suffer extreme hunger, Grimaud and Feron make plans to frame the city's refugees and the poor for theft.

Synopsis: As certain Citizens of Paris suffer extreme hunger, Grimaud and Feron make plans to frame the city’s refugees and the poor for theft. Can the musketeers break the conspirator’s grip on Paris in time?

Review: When grain is stolen in order to get the king to pay a higher price for it. The cities hungry refugees and poor are blamed and arrested for the theft.

This episode picks up on a few things that were hinted at in the first episode and sees the Musketeers fighting on the side of the poor in order to satisfy their hunger for social justice. But with Feron’s various schemes very much in play. It would seem that our heroes will have an uphill battle in the weeks to come.

The episode starts off with D’Artagnan getting caught up in the middle of a riot when a bunch of grain goes missing and the foreman of the warehouse storing it is killed. D’Artagnan winds up being arrested with a fair few of the hungry rioters.

Meanwhile the other musketeers are investigating the missing grain and the murder on the streets of Paris. Treville who is now a minister of the King has told the Musketeers that he suspects Feron has a hand in the missing grain.

Back in the jail D’Artagnan finds himself giving comfort to the prisoners and nursing a sick activist called Hubert who has worked tirelessly to uncover Feron’s schemes and blames the King. Unknown to Hubert is the fact that one of his number is a spy planted by the head of the red guard in order to try and undermine his movement.

As the episode winds to a natural close the Musketeers managed to foil the plot, but don’t really have anything compelling enough to be able to incriminate Feron.

We get some great performances in this episode. I particularly enjoyed the chemistry between Athos and Hubert’s daughter Sylvie who was played superbly by Thalissa Teixeira.

I also enjoyed Francis Magee‘s portrayal of Hubert and would have liked to have seen a little more of this character in the series. 

‘The Hunger’ is somewhat of a rarity in this series and the beginning of a change of direction for the shows final year. I felt the authorities trying to put the blame on the refugees and the poor for the theft was very much like putting a mirror to how the tabloid media have often portrayed the poor and refugees by blaming them for pretty much every ill.

The Musketeers - The Hunger
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