In Review: The Musketeers – We Are The Garrison

Grimaud declares war on the Musketeers, starting with the people they love. Still blinded by grief, will the Musketeers see him coming?

Synopsis: In ‘We Are The Garrison’ Grimaud declares war on the Musketeers, starting with the people they love. Still blinded by grief, will the Musketeers see him coming?

Review: The answer to that is a resounding no. Consumed with grief at the death of Minister Treville the Musketeers are discussing the impact that he had on them personally as both men and soldiers. Their bout of nostalgia is rudely cut short when several bombs come flying into the tavern.

Brushing themselves off from the attack on the tavern D’Artagnan, Aramis, Porthos and Athos find their feet, but soon find themselves running toward the Garrison, which has been completely demolished by Grimaud and the remainder of the Red Guard.

D’Artagnan quickly goes looking for Constance who was in the Garrison while Athos, Porthos and Aramis look for survivors. They only find one survivor, but D’Artagnan who manages to find and rescue Constance finds one other who is critically injured. It is Clairmont.

Athos and the musketeers know full well that Grimaud is responsible having seen a glimpse of him prior to the final couple of explosions at the Garrison, but before they can plan the next move Grimaud has gone after Sylvie and the people that the Musketeers value the most. Grimaud is of the belief that he is only dealing with three because he thinks D’Artagnan is dead.

In order to get their attention Grimaud kills Sylvie’s friend the midwife and has her dropped at the feet of the musketeers. Plans are made by Athos to go meet Grimaud at the designated building, but Porthos reminds him that Grimaud thinks D’Artagnan is dead, which for once gives them the upper hand.

The Musketeers launch there rescue attempt. Grimaud thinking he has the winning hand orders Porthos and Aramis to be shot. D’Artagnan is waiting in the shadows to strike. Athos is taken by Grimaud who has a personal grudge. As Aramis and Porthos are about to be executed D’Artagnan leaps out of a window and springs the element of surprise disarming and seeing off the Red Guard. The three friends then go after Grimaud and managed to help Athos get free and rescue Sylvie and the others. Grimaud gets away, but is badly hurt in the process.

Picking themselves up and dusting themselves off from the fight. The Musketeers think they can rest easy and set about rebuilding the garrison and preparing for a new celebration. The Queen, who is now regent to the crown has planned a celebration for all of Paris. She tells the Dauphin that a King is nothing without the love of his people and proceeds to coach him on how to be a good monarch.

It is a time of rebirth in Paris and new hope. Sylvie is expecting child and Athos is overjoyed and relieved that he was able to save her. Also setting up for a new twist is Elodie turning up to Paris to reconnect with Porthos. She brings her as yet unnamed little girl with her.

As the celebrations get underway. Sylvie spots Grimaud going into the Cathedral and lets D’Artagnan know. While Athos and D’Artagnon race to defuse the dynamite that Grimaud has set. Aramis and Porthos proceed to lead the people and the Queen to safety.

Programme Name: The Musketeers - TX: 01/08/2016 - Episode: Ep10 (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Aramis (SANTIAGO CABRERA), D'Artagnan (LUKE PASQUALINO) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Dusan Martincek

In the underbelly of the Cathedral D’Artagnan and Athos just about manage to stop the dynamite from going off. And go after Grimaud. A brief duel breaks out between Grimaud and D’Artagnan, but is cut short when Athos catches up and just in the nick of time too. D’Artagnan is bested, but not dead. Grimaud runs off, but as D’Artagnan recovers and sets out to give chase. Athos stops him.

Athos and Grimaud duel it out and no quarter is spared as the two men throw everything they have got into each other. Eventually after quite some struggle Athos wins out.

With Grimaud now no longer a threat it is safe for Paris to resume their celebrations. But there is one bit of unfinished business. The Queen summons MiLady for a special mission. So that the eventual ascension of the Dauphin remains uncontested. She orders MiLady to take out Gaston.

As the final chapter of Musketeers closes out. We get a somewhat bitter sweet end. The cadet that was critically injured dies, but his younger brother is accepted into the Musketeers to serve under the newly promoted General Porthos who has married Elodie. Athos takes a leave of absence to go with Sylvie and raise their child. Which means that D’Artagnon gets a promotion to Captain and is responsible for the training of the new recruits of the newly commissioned peoples Musketeers.  Aramis is given the post of Minister where he can watch over his son the Dauphin, but also resume relations with the Queen.

In essence everyone of the main characters gets a happy ending, but things are still open ended enough for them to return some day, which most likely will not happen.

While it was great that they all got a nice ending. Maybe in 20 years we’ll get a ‘Man In The Iron Mask’ mini series. We can but hope. I’d be more than happy to watch this cast again in future Musketeers projects. Even if it is just the occasional TV movie.

Some great performances in this episode. Luke Pasqualino puts in a strong performance throughout. I felt his speech at the wake for Treville was particularly noteworthy. Also Matthew McNulty and Tom Burke as Grimaud and Athos have been great value throughout this final series. McNutty being every bit the dangerous villain to Athos’s driven need to avenge Treville and get some justice. 

On a final note. I am really sad to see this series go. Although it was not necessarily true to the books or any other incarnation of ‘The Three Musketeers’ that we have seen. It presented us with a fun new take on the characters and all three seasons of the show have offered something completely different.

For a series finale ‘We Are The Garrison’ worked really well. I seriously had something in my eye by the close the episode. And given that I have a Vulcan like control over my emotions. Allowing a fly to get in my eye is highly illogical. It hardly ever happens.

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