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In Fools Gold. The Musketeers pursuit of Grimaud leads them to a town run by women.

Synopsis: In Fools Gold. The Musketeers pursuit of Grimaud leads them  to a town run by women. In order to find Grimaud they must earn the trust of these women who thrive without men, and whose shocking secret history makes soldiers their natural enemy.

Review: This week the Musketeers wind up tangling with a group of 17th century women who have built their secret little town with Gold that they have claimed from a group of deserters.

The story requires a bit of a jump in terms of believably due to the fact that I seriously doubt we’d have such independent woman in the 16th century, but there is no reason why there shouldn’t have been either. After all history is only recorded by the winners, which means a bit of creative license can be used. The female characters in this story all had their roles to play. But much attention was spent on Elodie (Lily Loveless) who is with child and has a husband away fighting the Spanish. She forms a friendship with Porthos (Howard Charles) who has to give her some bad news.

The main premise of this story involves the Musketeers having to help this group of very independent woman fight off the deserters who want their gold back. This fight sees them having to earn the trust of Juliette who has a deep mistrust of all men. But she is talked around a little by Theresa (Meera Syal) who turns out to have an agenda of her own, which involves injuring Athos in order to buy time for Grimaud. 

Fools Gold Band Of Women

By the time the episode concludes the Musketeers have helped the women save their little village and captured a few of the deserters. The ones left alive anyway. These women take their killing pretty seriously.

They are not however any closer to capturing or putting an end to Grimaud, which is understandable given that this episode is just to fill space.

One plot development that does get resolution from this outing is that the Queen tells the King the truth about her dalliance with Aramis and reveals that the prince is Aramis’s son, but only by blood. She asks the King if she can be regent to the prince and promises to keep his memory alive for the boy as well as the royal court. Louis after some convincing from Treville agrees to allow the Queen the job and in a really sensitive scene tells her that it is her punishment for her infidelity.

This episode worked well as a stand alone with only the loosest of plot threads linking it to the season arc. I really enjoyed the idea of a town of 16th century women taking on the soldiers and giving the Musketeers a run for their money. I also enjoyed the hint of a romance between Porthos and Elodie, which sadly does not come to fruition because France just cannot do without one of its best musketeers. Some excellent action and loved the use of bow and arrow in the fight scenes.

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