In Review: The Musketeers – Death Of A Hero

It's the day of reckoning as Grimaud vows to kill the Musketeers, and puts disgraced Feron to the ultimate test in his bid for power.

Synopsis: It’s the day of reckoning as Grimaud vows to kill the Musketeers, and puts disgraced Feron to the ultimate test in his bid for power. But could the day be saved by an unlikely hero?

Review: In this episode Grimaud’s plan is put into effect, but gets off to an iffy start when he tries and fails to do away with Athos.

Via the use of a forged letter from Treville. Grimaud lures D’Artagnan, Aramis and Porthos into a fools mission in order to get them all in one place and hopefully do away with them. Aramis is saved when he is given orders to escort the king on a pilgrimage.

The king knows that his days are numbered and wants to sort out unfinished business. Part of that business is to find out once and for all if Aramis slept with the Queen and sired the young prince. A powerful scene follows between the two, which includes some fabulous acting from both Ryan Gage and Santiago Cabrera.

While this is all happening the Kings younger brother Gaston has broke out of prison with some help from Grimaud and Feron.

D’Artagnan and Porthos arrive at their destination to find it deserted, but stand fast to wait and see what is in store. They soon find out when they are forced to engage Grimaud’s men and find themselves cornered. Grimaud arrives on the scene and gets him men to plant dynamite around the building that D’Artagnan and Porthos are trapped in. At this point Grimaud blows the dynamite and rides off in order to link up with Feron.

As Grimaud leaves Traville and Athos arrive on the scene with the musketeer cadets and set about rescuing D’Artagnan and Porthos from the rubble of the building. Safely rescued they all ride off to save the King.

Meanwhile The King is praying by his fathers grave and meets up with Governor Feron. The king embraces Feron and asks him to take care of the young prince when he dies. Feron is about to run the king through with his knife, but when the king acknowledges Feron’s rightful place as his older brother from one of his fathers dalliances. Feron softens and he withdraws from his initial intent. At this point Feron leaves to meet up with Grimaud as arranged.

Outside the church yard Grimaud arrives and meets with Feron. Grimaud is disappointed when he finds that Feron has had a change of heart and shoots him in the gut then heads further into the yard with his men to kill the king. As Grimaud leaves Feron is able to squeeze off a warning shot from his pistol.

The pistol shot alerts Aramis who goes to get the king and try and make a clean get away. The King and Aramis are forced into a gun fight with Grimaud and his men and manage to hold them off until Athos arrives with Treville and the others. Grimaud knowing that he is beaten withdraws and makes a hasty escape.

Feron Hero

The hero of the hour is Feron who in a final act of redemption saves his brother the king from Grimauds plot. But with Grimaud in the wind with Prince Gaston. The Musketeers still have work to do.

Some excellent acting all round in this episode and a game changer with some shock revelations. Who’d have thought that Feron was the step brother of the King and by result an unlikely hero.

Great action sequences and a truly close shave for Porthos and D’Artagnan. Heck for a fleeing moment. I though D’Artagnan was a goner. But I guess it takes more than a collapsing building to take out a musketeer. I also enjoyed the plot twist with Feron and the fact that in finding redemption he gets to be the hero.

Given how things have played out in this episode. I’m excited to see where the remaining episodes will go. Now that the main threat in Grimaud has made himself fully known to the musketeers.

The Musketeers - Death Of A Hero
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