Review: Marvel’s Agents Of Shield – Deals With Our Devils

While watching this episode I couldn't really help but ask myself, "Where have I seen this before?" and the answer hit me. It was an episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' called 'The Next Phase'

Synopsis: After losing half their team, the remaining members look for answers as time begins to run out for Ghost Rider.

Review: After what must have been close on a four week break. The Agents of Shield return, but some of them our caught between this dimension and the next and are seemingly being dragged down to hell.

While watching this episode I couldn’t really help but ask myself, “Where have I seen this before?” and the answer hit me. It was an episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ called ‘The Next Phase’ in which Ensign Ro and Geordie LaForge wind up being out of phase with their reality due to a transporter accident.

The episode much like this one gave the characters opportunity to discuss religion, mortality and many other things beside. With this Agents Of Shield episode the transporter and the science is replaced with the supernatural and a book, but the episode does pretty much the same thing.

The similarity ends with how being out of phase effects Ghost Rider, which sees the vengeful spirit leaving Robbie and latching onto Mac who has a very strong urge to go after the Chinese who helped Eli get hold of the book and the what he needed for his Dark Matter transformation.

With everything in the balance and Coulson and the others presumed dead. Mace is reluctant to go after the Chinese until they have more information. Mack disagrees and the harsh feelings he holds attracts the vengeful spirit of the Ghost Rider.

Meanwhile back at Shield Agent May and Holden Radcliffe defy orders and use the book in order to open a portal so that Coulson, Fitz and Robbie can return. But instead of them reading the book. Radcliffe has his robot do it and she opens the portal.

The close of the episode sees Robbie having to do a deal with The Ghost Rider spirit in order to get it to leave Mack. But is Mack’s business with the Ghost Rider only just beginning?

This was a strong return episode for ‘Agents Of Shield’ and I thought Henry Simmons put in a fantastic performance as he underwent the somewhat brief transformation into Ghost Rider. 

I can’t wait to see where all of this will go.

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Marvel's Agents Of Shield - Deals With Our Devils
  • The Good: Henry Simmons performance as he transforms to Ghost Rider
  • The Bad: A little to similar to a 'Star Trek' episode, but replacing the science with supernatural elements
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