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Synopsis: Dutch’s search for the mysterious green plasma puts the team at the mercy of an eccentric collector. Review: ‘In I Love Lucy’ we get to see a robot...

Synopsis: Dutch’s search for the mysterious green plasma puts the team at the mercy of an eccentric collector.

Review: ‘In I Love Lucy’ we get to see a robot avatar for the ships computer. But that’s not the only fun thing that happens in this episode.

Following a lead Dutch, Johnny and D’Avin head to an asteroid ship to visit an eccentric collector who supposedly has some of the green plasma that Khylan tried to inject D’Avin with earlier in the series. The team hatches a plan to trie some of the plasma in order to hopefully better understand it. Hence why they are keen to get hold of some.

There visit to the collector is not as straight forward as they hope as he tries to take them all prisoner and sets his deadly robots onto Johnny and D’Avin. Luckily Johnny concocts an application that allows the ships computer lucy to inhabit a robot body so she can help him and D’avin fend off their robot attackers.

Meanwhile Dutch is trying to talk sense into the collector, but pretty much winds up having to kill him. But to her dismay a little time after the fact he reveals himself to be alive and tells her that he has been alive for 400 and something years and asks her to stay with him so he can stave off the loneliness. At this point Dutch gets a call over the comm from D’Avin and Johnny telling her that they are in danger from their robot assassins.

To buy some time for Johnny and D’Avin Lucy chooses to fight the bots to aid their get their way to the ship and her robot body dies in the process, but she at least gets to steal a kiss from Johnny before doing so.

I Love Lucy

As Dutch and the Collector meet up with Johnny and D’Avin in the ships hanger. The two robots are chasing fast. In order to buy more time D’Avin uses the bottle of green plasma that they traded for to concoct an energy grenade to help the team get home along with the collector who tells Dutch that he feels free now that he is not holed up in the old now destroyed asteroid ship.

Toward the end of the episode D’Avin is having some sensual time with his new girlfriend, but as they engage in coitus she begins to cry and literally ooze green plasma and dies. Poor old D’Avin doesn’t seem to have much luck when it comes to his relationships.

Meanwhile Dutch is with Alvis having a much better time of it. But after the fact Alvis draws her attention to a quote in the scriptures concerning the green sap from a tree being thought of as the sap of life.

A highlight in this episode is when Dutch sings to the collector right before using wire to kill him. I do not know if it was Hannah John Kaman singing the song or if they had another singer perform. But it was a pretty cool an haunting song. In fact most elements of the soundtrack in this episode were top notch.

Great episode with plenty of interesting fun reveals and a cliffhanger that will have you coming back for more.


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