In Review: Killjoys – Dutch And The Real Girl

Picking up from where the season one finale left off. Dutch and Johnny are focused on trying to rescue D'Avin

Synopsis: Dutch and Johnny head to an outlaw settlement where the notorious Connaver gang are said to have an enigmatic shield worth stealing.

Review: Picking up from where the season one finale left off. Dutch and Johnny are focused on trying to rescue D’Avin who has been held prisoner by Khlyen and THE RAC. The episode starts with Dutch standing on the outskirts of old town vowing to do whatever it takes to get D’Avin back.

We then move to a dream sequence in which D’Avin and his friends are reunited and are breaking into a RAC facility to go after Khylen. This goes from a very intense dream to D’Avin having a passionate embrace with Dutch. The scene then changes to D’Avin who is in some weird bath. A RAC medic is pumping him with some strange green goo, which D’Avin’s system seems to be rejecting.

Back with the Killjoys our gang is given a permit to hunt down the Connaver gang and take possession of a shield. As this mission gets under way Johnny is teamed with Pree who seemingly has a criminal past that our Killjoys put to good use. Johnny and Pree go undercover as some high roller gamblers so that Dutch can sneak into the facility and steal the shield. The only problem is. This shield is part of a young woman who has all manner of illegal cybernetic implants. After some aggressive negotiations the gang get off the planet with the young woman who is hurt.

Back at The RAC facility Khylen has learned to his dismay that the green goo is not working on D’Avin and winds up forming an uneasy alliance with him. They slowly systematically make their way through the RAC security to give D’Avin a window to escape with.

Back on their ship. The Killjoys are getting to know the young woman. She is called Clara and has about 27% of her body modified with all manner of tech. Which includes Alice, which is her nick name for an artificial arm that doubles as a bad ass weapon. As a thank you for rescuing her Alice agrees to help Johnny and the others rescue D’Avin.

Back at the RAC facility Khylen has been captured by his superiors and D’Avin is beginning to question if he is their real enemy. D’Avin hooks up with Fancy Lee who helps him escape the rest of the way and hook up with his Killjoy friends who thanks to Clara have landed and met them.

As they are escaping on their ship D’Avin shoots Fancy to ascertain if he has been upgraded to a level six. Turns out he is. So they get rid of him.

Once out of danger Dutch and Johnny say farewell to Clara and insure that she cannot be hunted by any other Killjoys by writing their warrant off.

Setting a new course for old town, which is shielded from outsiders D’Avin relates what happened to him at the RAC and tells Dutch that he seen her in a dream, which he was told is an actual memory. Quite what this will mean as we move forward remains to be seen.

dutch and-the-real-girl

This opening episode of the series was pretty fast paced. So fast that I had to re-watch before reviewing to make sure I got everything. As always Hannah John-Kamen was superb in her kick-ass roll and at one point sported a rather sexy wig. But she had some serious competition this week from guest star Stephanie Leonidas of ‘Defiance’ who was fantastic in her role of Clara. 

I particularly enjoyed the addition of Pree to the team in this episode. Some of the interplay between Pree and Johnny in this opening episode was really fun to watch. Hopefully he becomes a regular member of the team.

I also enjoyed the artwork featured in the new opening credits for the series, which look very pulp.

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