In Review: Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3

Mark Millar continues to amaze and astound with this modern take on Heroes & Villains

Synopsis: In ‘Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3’. The world’s greatest superhuman is back. Hutch and the gang have tracked him down to a secret hide-out in northern Russia where the ageing super-villain has become a bitter loner. With Walter Sampson’s league of super-villains taking over the planet, can a world crisis haul this legend out of retirement, or must the gang face the bad guys alone?

Review: This third issue in Millar’s second mini series focuses on our heroes trying to recruit Skyfox out of retirement. The former super villain has pretty much given up hope and seems happy to just drink his life away while watching old VHS films that he has found in the abandoned Russian base that he is living in.

This pushes the story along nicely. Especially given that things are now escalating now that Sampson has invaded and taken over China instead of dealing with the real terrorist threat of the party that had attacked.

I particularly enjoyed Skyfox’s dialogue with Hutch and the gang. Especially when he is talking about how he had always perceived the Superheroes as the suited and booted people that represent a corrupt and capitalist system which keeps the poor under their boot heels.

Mark Millar is a master of putting a different spin on stories and not giving us bland black and white characters. And this series is another example of that willingness to maybe go some of the places that your mainstream comics will not.

The artwork throughout the ‘Jupiter’s Legacy 2’ series has been fantastic. Frank Quietly  does a fabulous job when it comes to portraying the various characters and their emotional state of being through their various facial expressions.

Some of the action beats in the comics run thus far have been played out really well. But it is the quieter more introspective moments that I think Quietly does the best with.

The closing pages of this issue give us much to look forward to. And I really like Skyfox’s simple plan to kick some ass.

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