In Review: Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1

Mark Millar and Frank Quietly Bring Forth The Second Volume Of 'Jupiter's Legacy'
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Synopsis: The children of the superheroes DIDN’T WANT to be like their parents. They wanted to be RICH, they wanted to be FAMOUS and they wanted to save the world in ways their parents never DARED.

So they staged a COUP and murdered the OLD GUARD, taking over AMERICA and forcing their ideas on a country that NEVER WANTED them.

But one hero ESCAPED and together with her boyfriend and EIGHT-YEAR-OLD SON she set out to find all the old SUPER-CRIMINALS to ask them to come back and SAVE US from the SUPERHEROES…

Review: Having never read the first volume of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ the above was enough of a catch up for me to be able to dive straight into the second volume of the comic.

Mark Millar is continuing to bring forth new and more edgy heroes and villains for the 21st century comics reader and the notion of younger heroes breaking bad to the point of taking over the Government is a fun concept and not out of the bounds of possibility.

This first issue sets up the fight back as Hutch. The son of the last surviving superhero sets about rounding up a gang of the old guard of villains. I like the idea of the son trying to maintain his fathers legacy by becoming a hero that is not in it for fame.

The story starts with Hutch’s father being taken away by the new fame hungry superheroes, but we don’t find out where he was taken or if he survived.

The story is easy to follow and a fun read.

Frank Quitely’s artwork for this book is fantastic and flows really easily from page to page. I loved the action beat concerning Hutch and his power rod.

This first issue is very much setting up the fight back from Hutch on behalf of the original heroes.

I’ll be interested to see where this goes in the months to come.

‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ will be available across all good comic stores on 29 June. If you were a fan of volume one. Then I don’t think you will want to miss out on this first chapter of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Volume 2.

You can find out more about future issues and Mark Millar’s other works at:
Jupiter's Legacy 2 #1
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