In Review: The Flash, Episode 46 “The Race of His Life”

An outstanding season finale that delivers for several characters. And that ending -- NO!!!

The Flash, Episode 46 “The Race of His Life” Broadcast on May 24, 2016

Written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing

Directed by Antonio Negret


“This season on The Flash,” Jay Garrick arrives from Earth-2 to warn everyone about Zoom, Cisco gains metahuman abilities and is able to see glimpses of the future by “vibing”, Zoom keeps a man in an iron mask in his lair as a trophy, Barry and Iris decide to give a romantic relationship a shot, Zoom plans to count his victories not by the number of victims but by the Earths he’s conquered, and Zoom kills Barry’s dad.

Henry Allen hits the floor, dead. “Now the two of us are the same,” Zoom tells the grieving son. Barry slams him to the wall, but Zoom escapes and they race through the city. They separate and another Zoom joins the first. The two villains split up and one is tripped by the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster brings the villain to his knees and vibrates his fist to kill the man who killed his father. But he hesitates; he can’t do it. The other Zoom appears and puts his fist through the other, killing his doppelganger. “Let me do it,” says the survivor. The Flash is stunned at what he’s witnessed. “A time remnant?” he asks and Zoom confirms. “You see, Barry, there can be two of you. You just have to be willing to kill yourself.” Zoom races off, leaving the Flash in his wake. Cue first commercial break.

The rain is falling at the funeral of Henry Allen. Barry is too choked up to speak the eulogy, so Joe does his best. Back at the West home, Wally goes to Barry (now that he knows he’s the Flash) and tells him that if he needs any help he’ll do his best. Barry thanks him and then tells the others that they need to come up with a plan to stop Zoom once and for all. Cisco chimes in that they also have to figure out how to stop the destruction of Earth-2 whose destruction he’s seen. As everyone talks, Barry goes outside and Iris follows.  Barry tells her that just as he’s gotten over letting his mother die, his father is taken. A blue streak whizzes past him, ending their conversation as he runs off in pursuit. Hunter stops in the middle of the street and challenges Barry to a race to see who is the fastest man alive. If he refuses, more of his loved ones will die. The villain speeds off, leaving Barry torn at the choice he must make. Cue first commercial break.

Payoffs galore tonight! The battles with Zoom are amazing, with a terrific scene in the opening segment in the alley. The race at the end has a terrific twist. There’s plenty of drama with Barry on an emotional roller coaster, Iris watching the man she loves lose it, Caitlin and Hunter reunited, Joe in peril, and the reveal of who’s in the iron mask! However, the cliffhanger at the end of the episode will have you screaming at your television. I was. “NO! NO! NO!” I understand, but OH I’m furious!

The good: Grant Gustin getting some really heavy emotional scenes, some terrific team bonding, with everyone finally in line, Jesse L. Martin getting a great meaty scene, great effects, a memorable reveal, memorable exits, and a scream worthy ending to leave fans on the edges of their seats for more than three months. Plus, several Supergirl commercials promoting the series on the CW.

Fun lines: “I told you family was a weakness,” “Bad time, Flash?”, “I want to do a hell of a lot more than just kill him!”, “Then I’m sorry, too,” “Bro, I went back and forth. I was like a good 60-40…,” “You have to let me stop him!”, “Let’s load up,” “Define ‘good’,” “It’s like my brain is channel surfing,” “It would just confuse you,” “Cisco has learned…,” “Let’s see what you’re made of, Flash,” “I’m ______. The real _______,” “Make it my own,” “Yes, sir,” and “You’re safe.”

The bad: Are you kidding? The bad is waiting for next season to begin.

The final line: An outstanding season finale that delivers for several characters. And that ending — NO!!!

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