In Review: Dark Matter – We Voted Not To Space You

Synopsis: The Android goes undercover to help the crew track a dangerous, yet familiar, foe. Six has to earn the crews trust back given that they chose not to space...

Synopsis: The Android goes undercover to help the crew track a dangerous, yet familiar, foe. Six has to earn the crews trust back given that they chose not to space him.

Review: The Android uses her newly acquired software upgrade to help her crew mates on the Raza to investigate who murdered one. The trouble is the authorities and various corporations are hunted across all space to find the crew and kill them. Which is what makes the Androids offer of help so much more appealing to Two who wants to try and keep as low a profile as possible.

When Two asks Six for a plan of action. He suggest that they hack the computers of a low level police station on a remote outpost. Which means that the Androids first job is to get herself arrested.

Seeing how Two, Three and Five react to the upgraded Android is a lot of fun and you can tell that Zoie Palmer is making the most out of being able to take on a more human role. The episode isn’t all fun and games though. After getting arrested and enabling the hack. The Android turns up that the person who killed One is none other than Jace Corso. This information leads the Android onto a second mission in which she has to find a smuggler that can help the crew track the location of Corso. 

This information leads to Two, Three and Four heading out on a mission with Nyx to track down and kill Corso. They soon find that this task is not as easy as it would at first seem. Several factors get in the way. Firstly Corso has the drop on them and is waiting with them in his sights. It is only Nyx’s freakish hearing and reactions that saves them. Secondly the authorities are hot on their heels.

While on board the Raza, which is in orbit of the planet. Six, Five and the others see the police ship coming into view of the planet. This forces immediate action to force the Raza to land so they are out of scanning range of the authorities. Six who remains indebted to the others for not being floated out in space asks the medic to give him some pain killers so he can lead a mission to warn the others.

Dark Matter Space

By close of the episode. Two has finished off Corso, but they are still none the wiser as to why everyone is seemingly out for their blood. Meanwhile Android has a dialogue with what could likely pass for her consonance because her emergency landing came close to not happening and killing the true. Six who has redeemed himself in the eyes of Two still has some way to go before he earns Threes trust back.

This was a fun episode, which has a nice mix of comedy and tension. We get a nice guest appearance from Kris Holden-Ried as Galactic Authority Inspector Kierken who so very nearly gets his man. And a tremendously fun performance from Zoie Palmer.

Dark Matter - We Voted Not To Space You
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