In Review: Dark Matter – We Should Have Seen This Coming

Synopsis: In this weeks ‘Dark Matter’: Strapped for cash, the crew of the Raza follow Nyx’s lead on an op, only to find out their target is a personal one....

Synopsis: In this weeks ‘Dark Matter’: Strapped for cash, the crew of the Raza follow Nyx’s lead on an op, only to find out their target is a personal one. Is this a mission that perhaps they should have seen coming.

Review: This story cleverly gives us some back story on who Nyx is and where she is from while at the same time giving Three and Six some time to get reacquainted.

When Nyx gives the crew a chance at some easy drug running money. Things get a little tricky when she uses it as a chance to board her old ship and rescue her brother Milo from the  seers. Turns out that Nyx was formerly an unwilling member of this crew, which uses an A Class drug to link people together so that they can try and predict events. Which explains why Nyx has been so easily able to equal Four in combat training.

Turns out that these seers can predict the outcome of most situations. But without Milo they’re not as effective. But are still able to give the Raza a fair bit of trouble.

When the Raza try to sell the drugs that they managed to steal. The seers ship catches them up and attacks. They want Milo back because he is their best man.

With their lives hanging in the balance. Two and the rest of her crew including Nyx have to make a really tough decision. Hand Milo back to the seers or risk death or being hunted indefinitely.

This episode was a little ends with your ultimate Mexican standoff. Two holding a gun to Milo’s head threatening to end him if the seers do not give up chase. So in the end its a little disappointing that they give him back, but also an opportunity to bring this plot thread back at a future date.

Thus far have really enjoyed what this second season of ‘Dark Matter’ has had to offer since returning. It is so much better than the first season, which was a little slow to get going. I particularly like the addition of Nyx to the crew and hope that she sticks around for the rest of the series.

During his time on board the Raza Milo makes some interesting predictions about the crew and says that one of them will betray the others. Which as we know has already happened. But apparently its going to happen again. He also predicts that the corporations will start a war with each other.

Some great performances from Roger Cross, Anthony Lemke, Melissa O’Neil and guest star Mpho Koaho as Milo

Dark Matter - We Should Have Seen This Coming
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