In Review: Dark Matter – I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You

While laying low on the Raza, a computer glitch causes the crew to all turn on Five

Synopsis: I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You: While laying low on the Raza, a computer glitch causes the crew to all turn on Five.

Review: In this third episode of the new season we learn a little more about Two, Four and Three when a computer glitch wipes a whole 14 months worth of their memories.

As a result Five gets to see a very different side to her friends. Its a side of them that she will no doubt not want to see again given that all three of them our out to kill her and would pretty much think nothing of it either.

The memory wipe in effect introduces five to the three poeple that Two, Four and Three were before they lost their memories and awoke with her on the Raze. And as such we get to see how much of a difference there is between their old selves and their current selves.

In terms of the passangers that tagged along with them in last weeks prison break. We learn that they most likely cannot be trusted. Specifically Nyx and Arax Nero. Before she loses her memories Two restricts their access to the ship. At least until they prove that they can be trusted.

We also get to see a more blood thirsty version of The Android who helps five switch off the Neuro link that has took over her crew mates and brought forth their darker and more criminal side. In order to kill the link The Android tells Five who is linked up to find a moment in Two’s memories when she was at her most vulnerable. Once Five does this and pretty much has Two at her mercy The Android tells he to finish her. Of course Five being the most humane of all the characters in the show. She can’t do it.

By close the episode everyone is thankfully back to their normal selves and the Android at least for now seems to be fully functioning again. Five takes a sealed container to Two and when he opens it he finds and activates a beacon, which is picked up by some people in a bar on a planet somewhere. We can only assume that no good is going to come of this.

This for me was pretty much a filler episode. After all part of the crew of the ship losing their minds and setting out to try and kill someone or each other is hardly a new concept. ‘Star Trek’ used this trope on several occasions, but in that case it was usually down to some bacteria or spore. In this case it was a computer link. Which am not sure have seen before, but having seen the trope of the crew going nuts. I can’t really give marks for originality here.

Nevertheless despite this. The acting performances were once again solid and we got to learn a little about what these characters were like in their lives prior to awaking on the Raza at the very start of the show.

We see a really solid performance from Jodelle Ferland as Five in this episode, which is only helped by the solid dependable acting prowess of Zoie Palmer as the ships Android. 


Dark Matter - I've Seen The Other Side Of You
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