In Review: Dark Matter – Going Out Fighting

Wil Wheaton puts his evil genius hat on in 'Going Out Fighting'

Synopsis: In ‘Going Out Fighting’ the crew must pull together for a dangerous op inside the headquarters of Dwarf Star Technologies.

Review: In this episode we finally learn more about Two and why she has been having trouble with her nanites. The long and the short is. She is dying and needs the crews help so that she can continue fighting.

Their mission is to go to Dwarf Star Technologies in order to get hold of some more advanced nanites that could give Two a fighting chance.

We learn that Two was an artificially grown human being that is in part reliant on having nanites in her blood stream to survive. We also get to meet her creator Alexander Rook who is a mad scientist played to perfection by Wil Wheaton. Unfortunately Two and her party are captured while trying to steal the updated Nanites and Rook being somewhat of a sadist decides to taunt Two by setting a more upgraded manufactured human on her.

Rook also takes great delight in a barbed exchange with Three and even goes as far as planting something nasty into Three.

By the time the episode concludes. Two is saved thanks to some quick thinking by Six who injects blood from the now dead enhanced human into Two, which allows the nanites from that one of Rook’s creations to give Two the fighting chance she needs.

The crews troubles are not over though because Rook managed to implant something into Three, which Six notices and alerts the rest of the crew to. They are able to solve this issue fairly easily by strapping Three down and opening the airlock thus starving what ever it is of oxygen, which forces it to leave Three’s body.

This was a pretty good episode, but felt like it might have worked even better if it was a two part story instead of just one part. It was interesting to learn that Two is an enhanced human being that was created in a lab. But it was also fun to see Six and Three finally bury the hatchet and start to trust teacher other again.

With just a few weeks of the series left. I’m anxious to see how some of the story threads will connect together once the season two finale comes round.

Dark Matter - Going Out Fighting
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