In Review: Dark Matter – We Were Family

The episode starts with a flashback sequence in which we meet Three as a young by with his mother at the time when his family was killed.

Synopsis: We were family sees Three reconnected with some former crew. While the Android finds herself in some rather unique company.

Review: The episode starts with a flashback sequence in which we meet Three as a young by with his mother at the time when his family was killed.

Back on the Raza we learn that the crew is short of money and is relying on five to loan them money from her secret stash to help them through.

As they dock at the at a seemingly none hostile station Jacob takes Three for a drink. Arax Nero who is working for Alicia Reynaud is trying to form a partnership with Three in order to exploit him. Arax’s efforts are cut short when Three’s former crewmate’s reconnect with him and suggest a family reunion in the form of a job. Arax backs off of course, but contacts Reynaud and says the time is good for her to meet him at the station.

Five and Devon the ships Doctor go shopping for the supplies they need in order to save Six’s life. The Android asks if she can go along with them because she’d like to study human behaviour. While on the station Five and Devon get all the supplies they need, but the Android asks to stay behind for awhile. When she gets caught with a toothbrush that she has not paid for the store security gives the Android a bit of hassle. After some brief conversation a stranger intervenes and helps the Android out.

Back on the Raze Four is working on his fighting style and gets interrupted by Nyx who offers to spar with him. After some impressive moves Nyx manages to best Four. So Four ups the game by changing to swords. Nyx is still able to best him, which leaves Four somewhat bemused given that she tells him that she hasn’t had training, but then adds that she is able to see peoples movements in slow motion, which helps her anticipate. Looks like Nyx is one that we need to watch in weeks to come.

Arax now back on the Raza sees an opportunity to break into Fives quarters while everyone else is in the med bay watching Devon as he operated on Six.  After a brief search Arax seems to find what he is looking for, which is a key of some description. As he is making his way back to his own quarters he bumps into Five and offers some fake sympathy to her by way of trying take away suspicion. Five hugs him and goes on her way.

Dark-Matter We Were Family

On the Station the Android has gone with the stranger and learns that he and his friends are also Androids who are seemingly passing themselves off as human. The family of Androids seem rather put out by the Raza’s Android saying that she cannot possibly have empathy because she is an older model that is obsolete and what have you. But the Android forms a bond with the stranger. After a little talking and back and forth the strange asks to run a scan on our Android and finds out something rather interesting. At this point he offers her a software upgrade that she can use to integrate better with humans.

Back on one of the planets Three is on the job with his former crew mates, but is having second thoughts and beginning to question their methods and motives. When they shoot a young boys father in cold blood Three sees that he is no longer cut from the same jib as his former crew. He proceeds to engage in a gun fight with his former mates. Finds the boy and reunites him with his one remaining parents. Turns out that the gang leader took Three in as a child and raised him as his own. Three is not impressed.

Back on the station the Android says goodbye to her new friends and rejoins the Raza. Meanwhile Arax has a meeting with Alicia Reynaud and hands over the key, but soon finds he has been had. Five switched the keys when she hugged him earlier in the episode. Reynaud is not impressed and neither are her employers who press her for the key. She pleads for more time.

Back on Raze Two is in the Med Bay and has a bit of chat with Six who betrayed them all. All seems to be forgiven.

On the Raza Bridge the ships computer spits up some information about One’s duplicate. A course is set to intercept him and get some form of justice for the murder of one.

Solid acting in this episode. I liked the idea of The Android meeting some more evolved androids and look forward to seeing how that will advance her character. I also enjoyed the fact that Three got a load of character development and seems to be on a path of redemption given that he has lost his taste for murdering innocent people.  I have to wonder how long Arax will last now that Five is onto him.

In terms of acting performances. Some great work all round, but fantastic work from Anthony Lemke and Zoie Palmer. For me this is one of the strongest episodes yet when it comes to character development. 

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