In Review: Daemos Rising (Doctor Who Spin-Off) DVD

Made in 2004 as a direct to video fan film for fans of classic 'Doctor Who'. 'Daemos Rising' uses established continuity from the third Doctor story 'The Daemons'

Synopsis: ‘Daemos Rising’ is the 2004 direct sequel to unofficial 1995 release Downtime’, but also to the Jon Pertwee era ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The Daemons’.

Review: ‘Daemos Rising’ acts as a sequel to both ‘Downtime’, which was released on DVD last year and goes as far as to bring Beverley Cressman back as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.

Made in 2004 as a direct to video fan film for fans of classic ‘Doctor Who’. ‘Daemos Rising’ uses established continuity from the third Doctor story ‘The Daemons’ and produces something new and just as spooky.

The story starts with a somewhat disturbed Cavendish calling on Kate for some help. Cavendish is a broken man from the experiences we saw him go through in the 1994 film ‘Downtime’.

It would seem that Cavendish has been spending most his time at a country cottage where he’s become absorbed by the occult. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT travels out to see him after an appeal for help.

When she arrives she is immediately confronted by a mysterious statue, which seems to be following her around the grounds. Yet when she touches the statue she is overcome with some terrifying imagery and hears alien voices.

When Kate reacquaints herself with Cavendish she finds him to be a shadow of the man she once knew. He is now hearing voices from an alien intelligence that is using him as a vessel to summon the Daemons.

What ‘Daemos Rising’ does really well is harks back to an era of ‘Doctor Who’ where the stories had a Gothic Horror story-line. I loved the fact that there was a lot mystery to this as apposed to there being endless running and action set pieces.

‘Daemos Rising’ much like ‘Downtime’, which came before it. Does really well to give fans a coherent science fiction horror mystery on what must have been a really tight budget.

Aside from confident performances from  Miles Richardson (Cavendish) and Beverley Cressman (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart). ‘Daemos Rising’ is helped by some great classic story telling and some brilliant narration from the much loved Ian Richardson.

The films CGI looks pretty good for 2004. Certainly better than most of the Syfy Channel B-Movies we see on television today.

Newer fans to ‘Doctor Who’ may find watching this rather difficult due to the fact that it does not have tons of shiny special effects and villains, but classic ‘Doctor Who’ fans will love the character beats and Gothic style story telling that ‘Daemos Rising’ offers.

At a running time of a little over an hour. This film is easily as good as anything that the BBC may have put out back in 2004 and could probably still hold its own now, but with more mature audiences.

The DVD is due out on 18 of July and well worth a look if you are looking to reconnect with some of the best tropes from classic ‘Doctor Who’.

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