In Review: Colony – Yoknapaptawpha

A high speed chase traps Will, Katie and Proxy Snyder. When all is said and done, their allegiances are tested and Will and Katie find out shocking news about their long lost son.

Synopsis: In this episode of Colony a high speed chase traps Will, Katie and Proxy Snyder. When all is said and done, their allegiances are tested and Will and Katie find out shocking news about their long lost son.

Review: This episode is pretty much where we get to see how strong the three main characters of ‘Colony’ really are.

After a resistance attack on Snyder and Will the two make their escape to the Yonk, but are beaten there by Katie who was both helping co-ordinate and time to attack.

Upon finding Katie at the Yonk Will and Proxy Snyder find that the phones are still out. Katie is doing her best on the fly to hide anything that will link her to the resistance, but is truly not able to restrain her disdain for Snyder.

Will makes a quick trip to a phone box in order to call Homeland to come and collect Snyder and get him to safety.

At the Yonk Katie quickly checks in with the resistance team leader to let him know that Will is away, but she does not anticipate that Will will go to a nearer phone box.

Will returns before the resistance show up dressed as red hats.

What ensues is a tense taut series of exchanges between Katie, Will and Snyder. Snyder tries to justify his allegiance to their alien masters and we learn that he was selected by them before the colony system was formed. This prompts Katie to ask about whether or not there are other colonies, but Snyder is only able to tell her of a few that he has heard about and also warned her that the places between the colonies are no go zones.

At one point Snyder challenges Katie’s disdain for him and warns that if it were not for his intervention things could have turned out a lot different for her family had he not saved Will from going to the camps. This prompts Katie to attack him and she damn near shoves him out the door right into the hands of the arriving resistance team leader, but Will is able to intervene and prevent her from doing so.

When things calm down a bit Snyder gives Katie and Will some news about their missing song. He has basically been found and is interned in another colony. Snyder adds that he was taking will to see one of the leaders of the Los Angeles Colony who has the power to arrange for their son to be transferred in.

As time runs out. The resistance press their advantage and break into the yonk in order to try and get Snyder, but Will is ready for them and takes three of them down. But he is out of ammo when the resistance team leader enters and trains his gun on Will, but Katie intervenes and pulls a gun on the rebel. The stand off is only broken when Will gets his wife to back down and they surrender themselves over to the resistance team leader who proceeds to search for Snyder.

At this point the sirens of the Colony Home Land police ring out and the resistance leader makes a clean escape in spite of Wills best effort to give choice. Back at the Yonk Will debriefs the Homeland troops and reveals where Snyder was hiding. Snyder tells Will that he wants everything thrown at the resistance team leader that had very nearly grabbed them.

Will tells Katie that their home is now being watched by Homeland in order to make her feel safe. News, which Katie tries not to show her displeasure at.

Back at resistance HQ the main resistance leader is being debriefed by the team leader of their attempt to capture Snyder. The resistance leader says that he suspects that Katie is a double agent and uses the fact that she chose to protect her husband over the cause and various other inconsistencies as his basis for the argument. The team leader just gives him a glance and doesn’t really commit one way or the other.

So far this has to be the strongest episode we have seen. Certainly in terms of revelations about the colony and their alien overlords and it was also interesting to learn more about Snyder. When Katie is really vying to let Snyder be killed Will counters that it is better than devil you know as opposed to the devil you don’t. Meaning that killing Snyder would just mean that another bureaucrat would replace him.

It be interesting to see what will happen next week insofar as Katies place with the resistance now being somewhat in doubt. Will the new information that she managed to obtain from her conversation with Snyder give her any leverage?

The acting performances in this episode between the four main characters were absolutely awesome. I loved the taut exchanges between Snyder (Peter Jacobson) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies). Those exchanges were worth the price of admission alone. 


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