In Review: Colony – Zero Day

Will wants to remove the family from the occupation while Katie and Broussard prepare for an operation.

Synopsis: In ‘Zero Day’ Will wants to remove the family from the occupation while Katie and Broussard prepare for an operation. Snyder tries to protect his office and Maddie makes a bold move.

Review: ‘Zero Day’ sees the stakes rise for Will and Katie as they’re finally forced to confront the fact that they have been lying to each other.

We also see Maddie get some payback as she tricks her employer Charlotte Burgess by appealing to her greed and love of art. However it soon becomes apparent that Maddie has sold Charlotte out to Snyder who in turn makes sure that none of it touches the sleazy Mr. Burgess.

With Broussard now leading the resistance. Plans are afoot for a zero hour attack on a train, which is transporting an official into the LA colony. Katie is brought in and given crash course in how to fire and handle a weapon so she can be part of Broussard’s team. Though it is apparent that not all in the resistance trust her.

Will having come up with a scheme to escape the colony comes for Katie and tells her to pack. Katie however is not playing and it at this point that both parties lay their cards on the table in an argument that forces Will to back down. Just exactly what the future holds for them remains to be seen given that they are both playing a very different game, but with the same end game in mind.

Having failed to talk Katie into his line of thinking. Will is forced to give up his opportunity to get out of the colony. However he makes sure that his friend and fellow Homeland Enforcer Beau can get away.

‘Zero Hour’ draws to an exciting close as Broussard and Katie proceed with their operation to halt the train that is transporting the official. However things go wrong when they find that they have used a little to much explosives. When they board to inspect what is left of the train the resistance members find themselves face to face with a fallen Alien, which looks to have artificial limbs. We only see the alien in full body armour and a helmet, but it looks distinctly different to the red tops we have seen throughout the series.

As the penultimate episode of the first season this episode answers a few questions, but goes on to pose a few more and ends on such a note that you just can’t wait to tune in for the next episode.

Colony - Zero Day
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