In Review: Colony – Gateway

A high-value hostage is kidnapped by the Resistance and the Los Angeles block is placed on lockdown.

Synopsis: In ‘Gateway’ a high-value hostage is kidnapped by the Resistance and the Los Angeles block is placed on lockdown.

Review: In this season finale the shit hits the fan as Will is given a race against time to find the resistance and recover their hostage. It is a challenge and half because not even proxy Snyder can help given that he has been demoted by the powers that be.

While Katie and Broussard hold on to their hostage, which happens to be one of the aliens. The fate of the Los Angeles district hangs in the balance. Will has a very, very short gateway to find and recover the hostage. If he doesn’t the host aliens will nuke Los Angeles and everyone in the district. A fact, which Katie and Broussard are not aware of.

Meanwhile while Will is doing his thing and Katie is doing hers. Their eldest son Bryan is planning to go into the no go area where we seen him go in prior episodes.

The resistance continue to move their hostage in a race to outwit Homeland and the Red Tops. Once they find a place to settle for awhile they proceed to argue amongst themselves about doing an investigation of the Alien in order to find out what makes it tick and what its potential weaknesses are.

Unfortunately they do not get the opportunity because Will finds them in the nick of time. Warns Katie that they literally only have ten minutes to escape and should do so without the alien if they know whats best for them. Broussard pretty much ignores the warning and allows the resistance five minutes to do what they can with the alien, but Katie intervenes and stops them.

With the resistance long gone and Katie on her way back home. Will has stayed on site and called in the troops. While the authorities are recovering the host. Snyder thanks and congratulates will and gives him an electronic key that will allow him through the gateway, which will lead him to Pasadena where he can start looking for his missing son. Snyder warns that he should use it ASAP while his access is still intact.

Bryan and his friend have broken a gateway into the no go zone and are planning to recover more provisions to bring into the colony, but unfortunately get captured.

The final scene of this finale sees Katie returning to an empty house looking rather exhausted. She takes a moment and sits down against the wall. As the camera pulls out the scene shifts to a black and white surveillance image of her and the end credits roll.

As season finale’s go ‘Gateway’ wasn’t a bad effort, which left us with more questions than answers. I was kind of hoping for more though. Such as Katie maybe being captured or critically injured. But maybe Bryan being captured is high stakes enough.

It will be interested to see how far Will can go with his search for their missing son in the second season. It will also be good to see how Katie will go about getting her young children back from the care of Nolan Burgess.

And what fate awaits Proxy Snyder.


Colony - Gateway
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