In Review: Colony – From The Cold

A high profile resistance member is ready to cut deal and hand over Broussard.

Synopsis: In this episode of Colony. A high profile resistance member is ready to cut deal and hand over Broussard.

Review: This episode sees Quayle approaching Proxy Snyder in order to try and cut a deal in exchange for his individual freedom and a pass that would allow him to pass through all colonies.

This is where Colony pretty much amps up the plot by revealing that some of these characters are not quite as straightforward as they seem. Will is now very much aware that Katie is with the resistance.

Meanwhile Will and Katie’s son Bram is risking a risky journey into the dead zone that he found a couple of episodes prior.

Tension is now really beginning to show in Katie and Will’s relationship.

Quayle has promised to deliver Broussard to Will and his men and Snyder is keen to make this deal go through. Katie has managed to warn Broussard about this and the deal goes south when she tips him off during the exchange, which results in the death of three resistance fighters that Katie was close too.

After the deal going south. Will and Beau go to the safe house where they have been keeping Quayle. There orders are to interrogate him for any information they can get. Will opts to shoot him and take out the two red tops that were guarding him, but manages to find out a little more about his wife’s involvement with the resistance first.

Even though Will now knows that his wife has been spying on him and reporting to Broussard he continues to play along to keep her thinking that he is not aware of her deceit.

With only two episodes of Colony left before the first season ends. It will be interesting to see where all of this is going. It will also be interesting to see a little more about Bram’s rebellion against the regime and if he winds up linking up with his mother in the resistance.

This episode wasn’t the best have seen in the series, but it is obvious that it is a building block to what could potentially be a pretty big first season finale.

Colony - From The Cold
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