In Review: Colony – Broussard

Broussard questions his mentor, while separately Katie feels cut off from her family and her cell.

Synopsis: Broussard questions his mentor, while separately Katie feels cut off from her family and her cell. During his hunt for the resistance, Will comes even closer to the truth. Up in the Green Zone, Maddie finds herself entangled in a seductive relationship. Finally, Snyder keeps his word, giving Will and Katie a glimmer of hope.

Review: In this weeks ‘Colony’ things are moving forward from events of last week and thanks to resistance leader Quayle’s orders to kill Katie. Broussard find himself second guessing the hierarchy and winds up letting Katie go.Broussard

Will and his team at Homeland are doubling up their efforts to hunt down Broussard and bring him in. While investigating his background they find that he has military training and had worked for various Government black ops agencies prior to the alien occupation. They eventually catch a break when they find the address of his late mother from back when Broussard enlisted into military service.

Katie feels isolated from both Broussard and her cell as well as her family and pushed various members of her cell for information, but in spite of all of this she still manages to tip Broussard off despite the fact that she suspects that Quayle had ordered a hit on her.

Maddie who has been working in the Green Zone has gained the confidence of her boss’s husband, but seems to be caught in a difficult catch 22, which could effect the benefits she receives for working there such as medicine for her son. ¬†Exactly what is happening with this particular element of the series as yet has to be fully realised, but its kind of slow going.

Back at Homeland Snyder has presented Will with some information about his missing son.

Following up on what they have learned about Broussard Will and his team from Homeland proceed to where Broussard is thought to be living, but arrive to late only to find that his next door neighbour, which happens to be Quayle is gardening, but knows noting about the whereabouts. As he is about the leave the house Will comes across a book, which he remembers Katie reading at some point, which could well be setting things up for a confrontation between the couple and pretty much makes Will’s position with Homeland sort of untenable.

This episode was mostly fall out from the events of last weeks story and as such was rather slow boil.

Quayle who is leader of the cell, which gives Broussard his orders is looking like the next victim among the series casualties and my guess is we’ll likely see him killed off by episode 10.

I enjoyed the cat and mouse aspect of this story, but it lacked any sort of compelling incidental music to punctuate that Will and his team were getting close.

Colony - Broussard
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