Review: Big Finish – Pathfinder: 1.2. Rise of the Runelords: The Skinsaw Murders

Synopsis: Sandpoint used to be such a safe place to live – until the scarecrows started to walk. A series of grisly murders points to an undead killer. With...


Synopsis: Sandpoint used to be such a safe place to live – until the scarecrows started to walk.

A series of grisly murders points to an undead killer. With Merisiel missing, Valeros, Harsk and Ezren must track the mysterious Skinsaw Man back to his haunted lair. Can they survive vengeful spirits, necrotic guardians and assassin cults to discover the secrets of the ancient rune carved into each of the corpses? Or will death find them as they explore the dangerous streets of Magnimar?

Review: This second Pathfinder release from Big Finish improves on the first quite a bit.

The first audio drama of this series was a little full on with the sword play and battles and a tad thin on plot, which is usually typical of any television or radio pilot.

All the characters from the first outing are back and now that they are a little more established its time to peel back a few of the layers and really begin to explore them.

Much of this story centres on Merisiel (Kerry Skinner) who wonders off on her own after a bit of an argument with a rather big headed and egotistical Valeros (Stewart Alexander), but while out walking in order to cool her heels Merisel finds herself drawn into the centre of a murder mystery in which she is pretty much a fascination of one of the ghoulish suspects.

Meanwhile back in Sandpoint a report of a murder gets the attention of Ezren, Harsk and Valeros. Which leads them to discover that their much loved friend Merisel is in grave danger.

This second adventure for our team of adventurers really gives us more insight into them. We get more of wizard Ezren (Trevor Littledale) using his deductive reasoning to decifer various clues, and Harsk being the steady rock of the group. While at the start of the adventure Valeros is revelling in the attention of the townsfolk and regaling them with heroic stories about his battles, but to the distaste of Merisiel.

The mystery this this time centres around a Litch who has been controlling ghouls and having them murder folks in a recruitment drive.

There are a few twists and turns in this story and the audio artists at Big Finish did a great job of creating a fairly spooky atmosphere to convey the stories rather dark themes.

I continue to enjoy the banter between Merisel and Valeros.

I’m giving this one a full 5.

Cast: Trevor Littledale (Ezren), Ian Brooker (Harsk), Stewart Alexander (Valeros), Kerry Skinner (Merisiel), Yuriri Naka (Ameiko Kajitsu), Toby Longworth (Belor Hemlock), Katarina Olsson (Iesha Foxglove), Duncan Wisbey (Aldern Foxglove), Tam Williams (Justice Ironbriar), Helen Goldwyn (Lissa Hambley), Sunny Ormonde (Xanesha), Sean Connolly (Maester Grump)

Score 5/5

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