Comic Review: Arrow: Dark Archer #12

Note: I’ll be discussing spoilers for Arrow: Dark Archer #12 and the series as a whole.
Synopsis of The Dark Archer #12

It’s the stunning conclusion of THE DARK ARCHER! After the shocking twist of events from last chapter, Malcolm and Lourdes face off for the last time. Who will survive?

Review: Note: I’ll be discussing spoilers for Arrow: Dark Archer #12 and the series as a whole.

First, the art for this issue was, as ever, excellent. I really appreciated the details in the faces, clothing, and setting. My favorite sequence was the bats attending Saracon as he realized his destiny. Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, and Kyle Ritter did a superb job.

The Narrative

As for the narrative of Arrow: The Dark Archer #12, I’ll be discussing that objectively and subjectively. Carole E. Barrowman and John Barrowman had to balance their original story elements with the continuity and tropes of the established Arrow universe. Structurally, they succeeded to a greater degree than the show’s own writers.

Subjectively, however, The Dark Archer story line raised issues. I’ll stipulate that the CW is known for soap driven story lines. The Barrowmans had to use those elements to fit the network’s internal logic. Unfortunately, those readers who dislike those elements won’t appreciate the revelations that Lourdes had both Malcolm and Ra’s children. Those readers will be angered if those points are raised on the show. Conversely, the readers who do like those tropes will be angered if the issues aren’t raised on screen.

As for myself, I see both sides. On the one hand, I don’t enjoy soap tropes. On the other hand, Nyssa Al Ghul is one of my favorite characters on Arrow. She needs closure and a sense of belonging. Nyssa deserves to know about her mother and brother. She also deserves to know that Thea, her sister-in-law, is also family through these twisted blood ties. After that, Nyssa and Thea could bond and help each other heal.

Whatever happens on screen, the Barrowmans have proven they have a firm grasp of the Dark Archer character. I’m looking forward to their continued adventures of Malcolm and his family.

Written by

Carole E. Barrowman

John Barrowman

Pencils by

Daniel Sampere

Inks by

Juan Albarran

Colors by

Kyle Ritter

Arrow: Dark Archer #12
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