In Review: Army Of Darkness/Xena: Forever…And A Day #1

You're Xena the Warrior Princess and your thousand strong army has fallen to an implacable and ancient evil.

Synopsis: You’re Xena the Warrior Princess and your thousand strong army has fallen to an implacable and ancient evil. What do you do? You suck it up and summon the only ally who stands any hope at all of helping you prevent the end of the world. Unfortunately, that lone man is the wise ass, ass kicking, time traveling, woman kissing, boom sticker known as Ash!

Review: Army Of Darkness/Xena: Forever And A day is perhaps one of the most fun crossovers that Dynamite has done in awhile.

The story sees Xena and her army defeated and her life partner Gabrielle in a weakened state. Having just about resigned herself to defeat Xena summons Ash via a page from the Necromicon that he gave her during their last meeting.

This first issue is set up. But even though it is a set up book. It is still loads of fun.

We get to see a bit of Ash’s life as the night manager of the store where he works, which pretty much sees him putting the moves on a French intern that is working for him, but as he is about to do the nasty he is summoned by the book and falls back through time.

When he arrives in the time of Xena. The Warrior Princess does not remember their prior encounter, which we assume is because he has fallen through to an earlier time that that of their first meeting.

The fighting talk between Ash and Xena is everything you’d imagine it to be and more. And poor Gabrielle has the unenviable task of playing peace keeper between the two as they compare their weapons.

The writing by Scott Lobdell is spot on. It’s obvious that he gets the characters.

The art by Elliot Fernandez is fantastic and works wonderfully well with the colour work of Pete Pantazis.

Where it falls down a little is the lettering. Specifically the smaller print that Taylor Esposito uses for Gabrielle when she is sick. I really had to strain to see it in some instances and that was with my reading glasses.

Overall though. This is a fun first issue, which does a superlative job of capturing the spirit of both Xena Warrior Princess and Ash and Army Of Darkness.

I look foreword to seeing how things pan out in the second issue.

Army Of Darkness/Xena: Forever…And A Day #1
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