Rebellion Buys Ian Edginton And D’Israeli’s Scarlet Traces

The comics company who publish '2000AD' and 'Judge Dredd Magazine' have brought the rights to 'Scarlet Traces', a sequel to HG Wells‘ 'War of the Worlds'.

Rebellion Publishing have made their very first purchase of a creator owned property from the ultra talented duo of Ian Edginton and D’Israeli.

The comics  company who publish ‘2000AD’ and ‘Judge Dredd Magazine’ have brought the rights to ‘Scarlet Traces’, a sequel to HG Wells ‘War of the Worlds’.

This is the first time that Rebellion have ever purchased a previously published comics property from their creators, in order to republish and continue telling stories within the universe that the writer had established.

Lets hope there  are not any legal issues between Rebellion and the HG Wells estate about this.

After beginning online, Scarlet Traces was originally published in print by Rebellion in 2002, in Judge Dredd Magazine, as a creator owned property. But now Rebellion own it lock, stock and two smoking matter disintegrators.

Rebellion also plans to republish ‘The Great Game’, which was the sequel to ‘Scarlet Traces,’ which originally got published through Dark Horse comics.

Added to the excitement is the fact Edginton and D’Israeli are planning a comic book adaptation of the ‘War Of The Worlds’ prequel novel.

This is fantastic news and as a fan of this artist and writer duo. I can’t wait to see what other stories that they manage to come up with.

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